Unrealdawn Banned by Autisme

CKEY: Unrealdawn

Admin’s CKEY: Autisme

Both servers

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date 8-02-21

Round ID: 31766

Ban Reason: I joined Acacia with a LRP name and left then admin pm’d when id been already logged out so i couldn’t response him, i wasn’t aware lrp names were gone back then

Appeal Reason: I mean too harsh

It’s standard protocol for a ban to be applied when you disconnect in an ahelp.

It is ultimately your responsibility to be familiar with the servers rules you are connected to, it’s not an acceptable excuse to say that you weren’t aware that LRP names were gone, both the two servers are Roleplay and have very specific rules.

acacia is a MRP server, exact same rules apply for sage as they do for accacia, that being said you have been out the game long enough. Ill accapt the appeal.