Unoffical guide for Space law compliant Good Sec

The following are tips for Being an effective, non-lethal member of SEC.
Why? well keeping the station safe is a complex task involving co-ordination and the measured use of force. These should be what allows you to bag some bad bois without becoming SHITSEC

I'm gonna BREAK some fraggin legs.

What is the number 1 thing that keeps you a Sec officer from making an arrest? Usually its the Antag in question’s ability to stay mobile. take any opportunity you can to fuck up their primary means of mobility, be it with batons, disablers or Lasers.

I recommend aiming for the legs with lethals in particular, as sitting ducks are unanimously easy to handle no matter what you intend on doing afterwards, but this is the limit of extreme harm you should consider infflicting as a good Seccie, anymore is grounds for your own punishment.

Consious? Cuffs and Co-ordination.

if you’ve got a live one on your hands and you know they aren’t leaving SEC’s punitive care, they should at least be wearing Zip-ties and be accompanied by a person who won’t be letting them leave their grip and escape for as long as they aren’t in a cell.

Your Prisoner is wounded? Alive, aware and preferably steamed at their plainly evident guilty situation is the state you should ALWAYS be aiming for, the status of Prisoner and DEAD are Mutually exclusive!

When your prisoner has been stabilized, announce this fact and refer to the first paragraph of this section, if they’ve been injured and present in brig long enough to have effectively served their sentence for their crime, dependant on the crime and capability of the person in question, consider along side your fellow seccies, a tracking implant before releasing them.

Nothing hard, but definitely fowl

there are various useful states in the criminal records console for keeping an eye on the crew, such as but not limited to the “WATCH” state. so long as your Seccies have their HUDs on, good ones will notice that little blip next to those issued them and take note of where they’ve recently seen them.

“WATCH” should be the first state you set to rather than “ARREST” if nothing seems to be happening with the less than savory characters.

“Parole” is also a good one, rather than taking any criminally inclined right off the hook, this lets anyone with a SEC hud know at a glance, that if this person is some where they shouldn’t be, that they’re probably up to the tricks that landed them their first stay in Brig.

the Green alert Seccie

Looking good and having minimal kit on you is a good idea if operating at green alert.
That being the case and assuming you AREN’T a meta slave power gamer, every item you need to enforce the law should fit within a total of 8 slots or less, those being:

  • one stun baton, Sec-belt.
  • two pairs of cuffs, Sec-belt
  • One flasbang, Sec-belt
  • One pepper-spray, Sec-Belt
  • Your issued disabler, Vest/suit storage slot.
  • one Flash, pocket.

A beret of standard, non-corporate variety and a non-accusatory manor of speaking should be good for ensuring you and your fellow crew mates aren’t tensing up on sight of one another.

Remember, don’t be afraid to act helpful and as if this is any other day operating as any other department.

all that said, this should cover a lot of bases for keeping the station safe while not becoming the jaded SHITSEC.


It speaks volumes that security is encouraged to keep a “minimal kit” as that’s what’s considered “goodsec”, yet several entire departments get progressively stronger as round goes on.


Imaging not being shitsec at all times.

Most of the strength of those departments is difficult to to bring to large yield or immediately malicious purposes.

if they try things...

Sci can make robots and explosions but both of those can be thwarted relatively early on if anyone gets a clue. Engineering can cut up and vent the station, Sec can send three Hardsuit clad laser wielding madmen to burn them to a crisp.
Medical can make viruses and commit medical mal-practice, Sec can treat a variety of combat injuries immediately in brig and send aformentioned hardsuit bois ALONG with bio suit bois.

it’s all about escalation, and if there are Revs about, if secie gets slapped then revs don’t get two batons and two flashes. Asset denial.

I’ve only been called shit sec by 3 people, only two of them were actually under arrest and they were guilty.

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Post sec hours and IC name


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What do you say RKz? should I post?

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I dunno man. I dont trust the unpeople who hide their account.

I have the hours to be HoS and have fulfilled command roles in sec on at least 3 occasions.
But i’m not putting anything solid down until you do.

I dunno man, it ain’t a good sec if I don’t go full unga with a riot shotgun in medbay against 10 revs

post hours or no balls

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Harm batons deal 8 damage. Punches deal 7.

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#1 sec officer Discord

Ight evidently and unsurprisingly I’m beaten our in seniority for SEC.

(BONUS, Call me MR MATS.)

However that said, I suppose you know alot more about how to run SEC in ways that don’t equate to Meta-slave or ShitSEC? care to post them here too?

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I wrote this before the Space Law rework, your post here has reminded me that I should update it.

No offence was meant by my questions, but I was asking for your background because a guide of how to avoid being shitsec is written rather differently from someone with 100+ hours of Security vs about a dozen, and people deserve to know who exactly are the people writing guides for them.

Curious to see how your insights change over time, keep up the good sec work.

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I figured I’d change the name a bit to reflect what I was aiming to convey.

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