Unknown QM Player Report


Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY:

Offender’s In-Game Name:
R.M.F. (I think, not entirely sure I got the name right but they were the quartermaster that round)

Server (Sage or Acacia):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):
10/10/2022 (PST)

Round Number:

Rules Broken:
1, 2, 7

Incident Description:
So at the time I was observing, and there was a contractor kidnapping someone in maints. The QM (target of this report) finds them, then retreats to call security. After a bit, they come back with security and lead them to the contractor. However, after the contractor begins fighting back, the QM pulls out a flamethrower and toasts maintenance, killing at least 3 people, including themselves, the antag, and at least one sec officer.
They didn’t show up as an antagonist at the round-end report.

Additional Information:
I’ve seen this guy building flamethrowers in a few other sage rounds just before this one (presumably as non-antag), but I don’t have the round IDs.


A couple of hours ago i played a round where he got caught making and storing TWO flamethrowers on a welded locker, after investigating it showed that he broke into atmos-storage to steal the plasma for the flamethrowers

I’m going to bed right now but i’ll edit the message when i wake up with the round ID where that happened.

He was, of course, not an antagonist.

Edit: Round was 40804


I believe another round ID where they did something similar was round 40794. They heard there was a changeling in Cargo and proceeded to break in and burn the changeling, themselves, and everyone else in Cargo to death with a flamethrower. They were a janitor and not an antagonist.

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Crazy this hasn’t been reported more.

Another round to examine: 40789

RMF was a janitor in this round, and was doing an “agressive decontamination” of maints. Because they were in maints, I couldn’t see what they were doing, but later on figured out they were flamethrowering every conceivable corner, and drained both toxin storage and atmos of plasma canisters.

I was malf at the time, so was ignoring it, and making announcements to the crew about it, but nobody really did anything about it.

PDA message from R.M.F. (Janitor), “We need more plasma.” (Reply)

" R.M.F. puts the plasma tank into the backpack.

“Robotic Talk, ARM-402 (Standard Cyborg) states, “We should go.”
Hack complete. Chapel APC is now under your exclusive control.
Robotic Talk, ARM-402 (Standard Cyborg) queries, “Do you wish to be taken onto a pod, AI?”
R.M.F. puts the flamethrower into the backpack.”

Seems they have a fascination with flammenwerfers…


I was observing during this round, and talked to the QM in dchat.

QM said basically they did not care and that those were the consequences of getting the valid.


Okay this was a joy
Just querying their name and flamethrower made a stagering list.

They indeed have done this with the clear intent of valid removal, and in multiple rounds aswell

While they showed remorse for killing innocents, they showed pride in thier actions in general.
Not cool… Toasty infact.
Report processed