[unknown] player report, syndie card gaming edition

CKEY: joelogbybolb

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown, pretty sure they were a curator

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2023-05-20

Round Number: No number, the one that happened at around 18:39:16

Rules Broken: Do not powergame, do not validhunt, you must roleplay

Incident Description: Was wizard that had been mostly mischievous and peaceful for the beginning, in talks with the cap to take over the station. Curator says stuff about slaying me or something, eventually starts throwing syndi cards at me, causing me to attack back and start combat with sec, interrupting roleplay in a pretty lrp way. Was told by users on the discord to make the report.

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I’ll look into this when I get off work today.

Round ID: 44109

Reading these logs was… wow… The long and short of it is the player, Capri Byers, was overall extremely LRP that round, spending an extraordinary amount of time shooting people with bananas using the staff of the honkmother, then as was said here throwing syndie cards into the wizard claiming it to be a magic trick. They even hit some crew. Of course once the wizards attacked them all hell breaks loose and the wizards escape, at which point the player says this… a lot…
SAY: Lord of Rabbits/(Capri Byers) "LITTLE BITCH BOYS!!" (Central Primary Hallway (138, 131, 2))
(fun fact they called you a bitch 8 times)
followed by
SAY: Lord of Rabbits/(Capri Byers) "I WILL BE THE HERO AND TAKE HIM DOWN!!!" (Brig (170, 182, 2))
They come back as a bear form xenobio and seek you out…
SAY: Lord of Rabbits/(Hudson) "BITCH" (Toxins Mixing Lab (116, 115, 2))
(That’s number 9)
They come back a few more times but don’t talk much more or do much more after that.

Overall I think it’s safe to call this a bad case of be excellent to eachother, do not validhunt, and you must roleplay. Thankyou for the report.

Report Accepted