Unknown player report R44146

CKEY: Yuliy

Your Discord: Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alethea Shiru

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-23-2023

Round Number: 44146

Rules Broken: 9

Incident Description: Player notices the traitor items on the fellow co-worker, decides to hide against the security for the sake of the co-worker, who is a traitor.

Additional Information: When Kalavi Lumen was dead, Alethea Shiru strips off the bag of the Kalavi’s and hides the bag that is cotanining a station blueprint and the emag.

Same person also went to the bridge when Kalavi kidnapped the Captain to get AA from Kalavi (organized over PDA messages).

Seems there was some set up to this

Here Kalavi promises to pay 10 000 credits to Alethea to stay on station

Alethea warns Kalavi of him being wanted by Sec
And here Alethea stips Kalavi of their items and hides them

And here they orgainze the AA

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Alethea’s player here.

In brief,

  1. Yes, I accepted the Bribe to remain on the station.
  2. Yes, I hid the bag.
  3. Yes, I asked for the Spare.

The longer answer (tl;dr at the end)

It was a lowpop round, things were slow, I did my job as a miner and the station was absolutely flush with resources. Kalavi offers me money to stay on the station, I elect to entertain the offer on the premise that if I ask for a large enough amount perhaps Kalavi would complete the objective in some other way (abduction, marooning, assassination, etcetera). When they actually come through with the money I decide to entertain the original promise.

Genuine Question: Are crewmembers supposed to reject and report ALL bribes out of hand due to unwavering loyalty to NT? Past experience had informed me that bribery was commonplace even amongst ordinary crew roles (particularly at the Pharmacy). I figured accepting the bribe was not unreasonable and that I would not otherwise have explicit metaknowledge of the traitor’s specific objective to prevent me from leaving the station.

Continuing: I take a break from mining and hang around in the bar, I roleplay with multiple members of the crew including Chloe, the Quartermaster, and a Security Officer - amongst one or two others. Eventually, Security approaches me and says they want to search me including my pockets and boots, which I obliged, and they mention they want to search ‘The Other Miner’ as well.

At this juncture, there is no evidence Kalavi is a traitor except for having unexpectedly deep pockets. I decided our Miner Etiquette agreement covered this situation and so I sent Kalavi a warning.

Genuine Question: In a similar scenario, am I supposed to utilize my metaknowledge of traitor objectives to ‘know’ Kalavi is a traitor, and then immediately report the bribe and/or leave them for dead on lavaland/report them while they are dead so they can be revived in custody?

Continuing: The warning turned out to be entirely unnecessary, since by that time Kalavi was dead in lavaland (not confirmed by what, probably Gibtonite though). Some time later I notice that Kalavi’s GPS signal has not moved in some time and go down to Lavaland to rescue them, again deciding that our Miner Etiquette agreement prevailed here.

When I brought Kalavi’s body back up to the station, I checked their bag and saw an emag inside of it. I was conflicted about what exactly to do here, but decided that I had already essentially committed to the prior Miner Etiquette - I was already complicit by having warned them that Security wanted to search them, so I decided to hide the bag.

I brought Kalavi to medbay and they were cloned back. There were two security officers present, so I asked them if they wanted to interrogate Kalavi now that they were here in Medbay. Hiding the bag proved to be entirely unnecessary again, since they had already decided ‘somebody else’ was responsible, and they completely declined to search any of Kalavi’s possessions that they had a previous interest in (such as their boots).

I go back down to lavaland to mine for a stint since I am expected to actually still do my job. I gather a whole ton of resources, but get flanked and ambushed by Lavaland Swarmers. They teleport me into the mining base spider lair in the abandoned science wind where I go down and am left dying.

KALAVI then comes down to lavaland and saves me. They could have easily disabled my suit sensors and tossed me in lava, or any number of a dozen other things to remove me from the round, but instead they take me to the mining base medbay and heal me.

I deposit my mats at the ORM - the station is now FLUSH with resources - and I take another break at the bar from which I do not return. I spend the entire rest of the shift roleplaying at the bar. I asked, once or twice, whether there was any particular requirement for resources and whether I had to go back down to lavaland to mine, but both times I was told that there was no material shortage of any kind (I was especially careful about ensuring the station had plenty of Uranium and Bluespace crystals, which were rare and prone to running out).

Towards the end of the shift, one of the same Security officers from before ‘Quits’ after seeing Kalavi in the cargo bay with the station blueprints, and just leaves to join the rest of the Cargo Staff who have gathered in the bar. Additionally, Chloe reveals that she too is remaining aboard the station and not departing on the emergency shuttle.

Some time later - it was lowpop and the shift just kept going - Kalavi abducts the Captain and calls the shuttle. The messages over the common radio channel are, in a word, STRANGE. It almost seems as though the Captain has consensually decided to be Kalavi’s hostage. I don’t know the actual context, but I decide that if Kalavi has the Spare ID that it would be nice to have during the long stint between shifts, especially since Chloe would be staying behind with me. The ‘retired’ Security officer accompanies me to the bridge (as well as one other person I think), where Kalavi is parading the Captain around in cuffs. They elect not to act upon what they see (again), and Kalavi hands me the spare ID.

I then go directly back to the bare and spend the remainder of the round roleplaying until the shuttle arrives - it was Green alert so it took the full twenty minutes.


  1. Made the decision to entertain the bribe because I did not think it was against any rules to do so.

  2. Warned Kalavi of the search because I figured at that juncture I shouldn’t ‘know’ they were a traitor and that I should honor the ‘Miner Etiquette’ agreement. Warning them proved to be entirely unnecessary/moot because they were dead at the time and security subsequently lost interest in searching them. Rescued Kalavi dead from lavaland and hid their bag when I noticed the emag in it because I figured I was already complicit for having warned them. This proved, again, to be entirely unnecessary because multiple security officers, including the one from before, declined to search when offered the opportunity to do so at medbay.

  3. Asked for the Spare ID since I would be more or less alone with Chloe for an indeterminate period of time and I wanted to ensure the station remained livable during that period, the supposed alternative being to hack and deconstruct my way everywhere.

Conclusion: Every decision I made was essentially for roleplay, I did not actually assist Kalavi with any of their traitorous activities or objectives beyond remaining aboard the station, and I did not use the Spare ID for anything after obtaining it (I went straight back to the bar and stayed there until the end of the shift). Towards the end, it seemed very evident that the Chain of Command and security had completely collapsed/quit and so I just went with the flow. I spent the vast majority of the round in the bar roleplaying and otherwise minding my own business.

I wasn’t trying to grief, powergame, or self-antag, and I would argue I did none of those things. I was entertaining the roleplay and I believe the round logs, which Wilson has access to, should validate that.


No, not really, we actually encourage antags to interact with the crew in ways that aren’t just “KILL KILL CLICK UNTILL HORIZONTAL”

What I am curious about, however, is this so-called “Miner etiquette”. I’ve played Shaft Miner for quite a while myself but never encountered this seemingly non-verbal agreement.

What logs showed was you having a ‘jump’ in trust towards him. One bribe that only asked you to stay on station and now you’re suddenly covering for him and hiding his items away, which you ICly were aware were contraband.

See, this point here is where I and other staff members I asked around drew the line.
You, first and foremost, are a NT-loyal employee. After taking a bribe to stay on station, you suddenly decide to become involved in a crime of hiding contraband and assisting a wanted man, despite him not pushing you towards doing anything of that sort.

Which brings me to my previous question. What is this ‘miner etiquette’ and does it really allow you to essentialy self-antag?

Miner Etiquette was simply to rescue each other from peril and to otherwise keep each other out of peril. Miner’s rescue each other if they go down on Lavaland, generally adhere to each others’ advice (callouts on tendrils and what to do about them, megafauna, etcetera) and they back each other up if Ashwalkers and/or other threats come after one of them. Standard miner behavior when working with each other.

The agreement is not entirely nonverbal - in the second copy of the log you posted it actually gets addressed, in brief.

It does and should not permit Self-Antagging. The reasoning at the time was that if I got picked up by security, they would believe me to be complicit even though the prior warning had been made prior to ‘knowing’ Kalavi was an antag.

If warning other Miners that security wants to search all of them is an act of self-antagging, then I’ll accept that was an error in judgement on my part. At the time, I wasn’t trying to self-antag even while hiding the bag. I was thinking that Kalavi had just spent a good fifteen minutes ghosting and that if I were them, I wouldn’t want to be revived in security custody and get immediate permabrigged.


I see, so it covers their relationship when it comes to Lavaland matters, but not security ones.

And so, you decided to become further involved in the crime?

This is basically metafriending.


If that was a violation, ok. I made an error in judgement.

I was just trying not to be a dick to the other player.

What would have been acceptable? Would it have been ok to have seen the contrabrand and then put it back on their body and taken them to medbay without revealing its existence? Was I wholly obligated both IC and OOC to immediately inform security?

Seeing how you were involved with them before and how they paid you off, ratting them out would not have been expected of you.
However, going out of your way to conceal contraband for a person who has not spurred you on to do crimes before was definitely a step too far.

Alright, duly noted. Thank you.

Apologies for the delay, report resolved.