Unknown player report R44146 #2

CKEY: Yuliy

Your Discord: Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Nova Jensen

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-23-2023

Round Number: 44146

Rules Broken: 3, 8, 9, 12

Incident Description: There are two cases.

The acting captain, who is suppose not to be aware what happened after their death (which was beheaded), knows how they got killed (I am quite sure, however, this part has been informed by the other peoples after ressurection), and decides to execute a perma-brigged person. Their perma-brig on the prisoner should not be executed upon captured, yet the acting captain decides to lethal inject the person, then cremate the prisoner.

There was a traitor who was desperately trying their best NOT to kill the captain, only to capture’em alive, yet the acting captain executed this said traitor with their baton, harmbattoning over and over until the traitor dies on the captain’s office. This acting captain did not even attempted to drag this person down to the evacuation shuttle, nor the medical after the kill.

Additional Information: I recall many of the ghosts were making hearabout words, so most of this informations are also hearsay what the ghosts has been saying. Especially the part of the execution of the permabrig person. However, the second case has been eyewitnessed.

yay i can add context
in case #1 the captain auth’d execution for the individual for prime murder and EOTC before this individual proceeded to cut their head off with an energy sword. individual was perma’d by officers while medical stuck the captain’s head back on and revived them. when cap learned about this, they carried out the original execution order.

in case #2 the captain was kidnapped, dragged around, and endured some weird shit like random crew profiting off their access, mockery from crew with no one wanting to help them, and being called a pet. when they escaped they nearly got captured again but managed to take the guy into crit, then proceeded to look around the area for a good minute or so (looking for cuffs? idk) before finally going back and bashing the dude.

cap was subpar this round but for the most part it just made things interesting. didn’t seem outright malicious given that they were willing to go to great lengths to give the person in case #1 a whole load of benefit-of-the-doubt even after they were caught red-handed, which is how they got their head cut off to begin with. by the time case #2 happened there wasn’t any other security or command staff and even AI had cryo’d, so it was sorta just captain against the world (literally, with random non-antag crew trying to get access off the kidnapper).

I was Scott, if you are talking about Yoshi killing Chloe that was not prime murder, neither is traitor EOTC. This person was subpar for the HOS role this round and I feel like they didn’t own up to it at all other than later saying ‘idk why I did that’ which is not an excuse for a head I feel.

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If i can add anything, the player in question Nova seems to be quite new to the Command roles and… in generalto the server, they’ve also showed in discordto not be aware of plenty of basic stuff, understandable for a new player, however i agree that in many rounds where they were HoS they weren’t operating at a basic level, hopefully this will be a wake up call for them to re-read rules, SoP and maybe not rush to try command roles without having the necessary experience and such so they don’t do stuff like this again.

Since they’re now and quite active on discord an admin or… anyone tbh should ping them and let them share their PoV on this report, i believe they’re named ‘‘Jikka (Nova Jenkins)’’ on discord


The Hos/Acting Captain Did not act like command. Sub par performance Like raising the Alert to blue over Poly, Yes they raised the alert to blue over poly. Afterwards Went to the bar and drank so much shit their liver was failing, Also Announced “Meow I’m silly” and said meow a lot talking.

I was the AI for the shift and I was struggling to Stay awake/Keep active But I had Ahelp open for their LRP actions.

The reason why I activated blue on Poly was because I legitimately believed that Poly was a danger to the crew because people said they had magical powers. Also my character is a felinid. I believe I shouldn’t have drank so much and in the future, I will try to do better as command roles.

Now, the big question is, how were you revived, and how you came to know the way you died, since you did get your head cut off.

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I was fighting back against the person who killed me. They only cut my head off after I was unconscious.

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my character learned how she died from medical staff who explained that because she was beheaded she lost all of her blood. I wasn’t cloned, my head was just reattached.

If I recall, it isn’t even permanent sentence worthy just because the head was beheaded. It is a permanent sentence worthy if the person behead someone, THEN hide the brain away or something, preventing the revival. Intention matters.

I was the antag that round, detective Amakusa.
I can throw some light on this case: My objective was to assassinate Chloe, the cargo tech. I did that after RPing with Chloe and faking an inteview ( second one during the same round, with the same person) about a made up case on a vines incident. I interview the Roboticist priorly just to use it as an alibi and legal justification to cover tracks.
I can guarantee that during the round, the RP and actions from fellow security personnel, (except one that was letting the grudge go way too high but ok), general crew staff and the character mentioned on this report were valid, fun and within rules!
Before attacking the captain, we were RPing and not for a single minute the player did something unfair to my character. On the contrary, it listened to my character’s points and proof to justify its actions, even if they were wrong. (I did had prints from Chloe from a law office and her presence at locations with witnesses but as I said, although they were substantial from the point of view of valid evidence, the case was total bogus) . As I was trying to negociate a fellow’s security officer demotion, which was refused, I decided to try to capture the captain and bargain her life somewhat. Unfortunatelly, the sentient Warden’s pet dog witnessed the crime and was calling out my character and tried to save the captain. He was dragging her around the brig and at some point officers arrived and had me captured. The head was on plain sight to be collected, I never hid it. That wasn’t the plan. It would be fair to state the beheading was even an accident.
The only part that went wrong was indeed the mistake of cremating my character after the sentence was already given by the security officers since there was no other command staff around, which was to perma me as I made very clear that I posed no threat anymore.
The player is indeed new to the game and the server. Nothing was done out of bad intentions but lack of knowledge. I think the lesson here would be to not pick command roles if you’re new. I would suggest raising the standards a bit more for command roles and a warning to the player to read more of the wiki, especially rules and SOP. A good tip to the player is to not be afraid of ask others about how things work. I play this since 2008 and you bet I don’t know nor remember everything and that’s totally fine!
Bee is a very chaotic server for an RP one. Taking a command role here is no easy task. That round in particular was very hard because it had a detective, someone that you generally have to trust as antag ( I suggest removing this too, detective’s rolling antag) and also, a whole crew being extremely critical of your work and quite unwilling to colaborate ( not an IC criticism, its just a statement how GENERALLY is around here, doesn’t matter the captain player) so the pressure was quite high.
Hope this helps a bit!

Indeed but I believe it was due to the sequence of recent events. I murdered Chloe, had highly dangerous contraband and beheaded the captain. So although it wasn’t accurate, I can understand the decision. Anything more than that yeah was excessive.

Gonna be honest and say that I do not remember entirely when exactly I beheaded you. I do remember that I was using the sword trying to hit the dog and kill it since it witnessed me trying to capture you.

This post summarizes most of my findings.

Overall the captain did their best despite a hectic situation.

This is not exactly what went down. The captain lawfully decided to have the prisonner executed, but the sentence got interrupted with the captain dying, causing sec to perma the prisonner before the captain was revived and decided to overrule that last decision to have their first sentencing enforced.

Overall, I don’t find admin intervention to be necessary here, assuming the player keeps learning from their mistakes and improves.

Marking this as rejected.