Unknown Player Report R43992

CKEY: Yuliy

Your Discord: Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Emboes Jackson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-11-2023

Round Number: 43992

Rules Broken: 3, 14

Incident Description: Late-joined captain arrives to the station, proceeds to arrest the detective despite everyone else around them has stated that security officer is the wrong-do-er, because ‘They’re security officer.’ Even when there is what-he-believes security officer was there, arrest was been made and put in the prisoner transfer area in the escapes shuttle.

Additional Information: As the round ends, they stated that they thought the security officer, Nekomi Fluffels, was a round-start security officer, fully trusting on metaknowledge that security officer cannot be a traitor, or be the one who does the wrong-doing.

Detective here, I don’t think he really did this in a malicious way and we didn’t have time to explain in any amount of detail. I was just as shocked as he was and didn’t understand why it was happening. Also he never arrested me, only dragged me after the traitor had arrested me.

From his perspective, I can imagine my panicked ‘YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE ME’ to be quite confusing considering he walked into a scene where I had fired my gun at what appeared to be a security officer.

The mindshield = not traitor mindset is kind of meta, but I don’t think he maliciously did it and I think he would have sorted the situation out if given the time to understand what was going on.

@Emboes Would appreciate if you could respond.


Hi! When I arrived there were 2 minutes to the evacuation. Detective and Doctor Soo-Min yelled at me about how security officer hurt the detective. I went to security to see the situation. I saw that detective was in Perma, and their items and gun were stripped outside of the security. I tried to talk with officer via comms, but comms were not working. I let the detective out of perma, “I didn’t arrest them”. Then the officer and two other people came to the brig. I tried to figure out the situation with the officer, Soo-Min, and Detective. There was also another miner who was on the scene. Soo-Min and Detective pushed the officers and there was some real shoving to the walls, they were roleplaying as an angry innocent. I listened to what happened from the officer and miner. Miner said that the detective and officer shot each other. Therefore didn’t give anything. Soo-Min said the officer hurt the detective. I judged whether officer might be wrong-doers or not. For that, I said them their mindshield is intact, therefore their mind wouldn’t be altered by some other force. They could still be a bad cop and arrested an innocent. Therefore, since I do not know or have enough evidence to judge the problem, I relied on the information of “my only security” officer as a captain. I said to the officer that they can proceed how they want to proceed. Detective resisted arrest and Soo-Min also resisted. The officer said that they might be working together. Therefore, I went and used a disabler to stop the conflict. Because, we also had 10 seconds to evacuation.
Long story short, I didn’t rely on the knowledge of mindshield and round-start officer → can’t be traitor. I relied on what I saw with Emboes. There was an officer who is entitled to arrest people, and they were saying the detective was a wrongdoer. And their mindshield was intact, which is detectable by my sec-hud. From the resisting arrest and shovings inside the brig, Emboes also felt like detective and Soo-Min could be working together and they are not just innocent. Therefore, I preferred to believe the officer.
I want to remind you that I first got a detective out of perma (due to allegations against officer) to listen and solve the problem, so I didn’t just blindly go and trusted the officer with meta-knowledge that they can’t be a traitor. Mindshield was just my way to make sure that their mind was not altered. Which is the main reason why officers and command member are mindshielded and sec-hud can see the mindshields.

Only Cap, HoS and Security Officers are mindshielded. HoP, CMO, RD and CE aren’t.

Our cast is :

Alpkant \ Emboes Jackson \ Captain \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
JamesPlushie \ Cynthia Northey \ Shaft Miner \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
Marshmellow10 \ Bombyx Modesta \ Detective \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

And man, these logs were quite a rabbit hole
At first I thought out ‘security officer’ would be this fella

drcrawler \ John Pompadour \ Lawyer \ Traitor \ ROUNDSTART

But it seems he took the easy way out and left on a pod

Our ACTUAL security officer is this person

Legio17 \ Nekomi Fluffels \ Scientist \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
GAME: Legio17/(Nekomi Fluffels) has gained antag datum Traitor(/datum/antagonist/traitor)

Unfortunately I’ll have to reject this report.
Our fake officer did a splendid job of covering their tracks and appearing fully legitimate, meaning the Captain did have to take their judgement at face value. And as pointed out later, the captain let them sort things out on their own accord but intervened when the situation started heating up.

Report rejected.

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