[Unknown ] Player Report of Catherine Wilson and Lucy Cicero

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Catherine Wilson and Lucy

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/23/2021

Round Number: 31540 Crashed round

Rules Broken: M1, M3, R4

Incident Description:
From the start that i arrived as HoS (around ten minutes into the shift) i come across to our only security player at the time being: Catherine Wilson along side the psychiatrist: Lucy Cicero and our Lawyer Dillion Finaly chit-chatting, shoving each other, etc.

The following behaviour happened in front of me across the span of some minutes
-Lucy started to shove both Catherine and Dillion for their shoes, which i arrested her for and told her to cease(i searched her bag and saw the syringe gun with two bottles of morphine)
-Shot morphine at Catherine and Dillion (unknown if she did to someone else)
-As i was trying to arrest Lucy, Catherine shoved me in different opportunities
-Catherine giving Lucy her baton and the officer Catherine starting a fight with the virologist Adan Roadman
-Catherine and Lucy swapping clothes, bags, ids and playing dumb, pretending to be each others

Most of this IC issue was being handled or in the process of being so, however things escalated once we got the confirmations of lings, i immediatly told Catherine to quit playing and get serious, however the situation ended up culminating on Catherine and Lucy on the Lawyer office, at that point i had enough and i was on the middle of arresting her both, even Lucy (as Catherine) acting as an officer wanting to do HER job, which i told her no, that she neede to give Catherine her stuff, they both keep playing dumb, until Catherine started shoving me, i proceeded to stun baton her and after more shoving she got my baton, i got my other baton and we stun baton’d each other trying to arrest her while saying, and i quote ‘‘help Lucy(refering to Catherine) i’m being shitsecced’’, eventually they got me down and HANDCUFFED ME saying ‘‘you’re under arrest for being cringe’’ saying that ‘’ i’m going to give them five minutes for being cringe’’, of course all while Catherine, the original security officer kept it quiet saying ‘‘i’m only a psychiatrist’’ and i had to yell to Dillion to help me since well HE WAS JUST STANDING THERE

I yell’d at the Detective and the Captain to come assist me, in which the captain stated for them to surrender while Dilion after five minutes decides to uncuff me, once i try to baton her with the little charge i had left, she started stun batoning me again while Captain after giving a warning shot with his antique gun towards Lucy and Dillion (since he was standing there he got all the bullets), this scene continued for a couple of minutes between shoves, stuns, lasers until Lucy got killed and taken into medbay to get revived and processed, in the mean time since i had no more cuffs, baton charges or my own weapon energy i headed to Brig to recharge them (in which Catherine, ran off to do her own thing)

Fast forward a couple of minutes on medbay i moved my attention into a ling murder scenario that was happening on medbay surgery/maint, in the middle of the chase i saw the detective and captain shot down Lucy (now revived with no stuff since they were confiscated) and helped them arrest her but i moved quickly to keep going after the ling.

Fast forward a little more with the ling situation handled i heard on radio that Catherine STOLE a Ripley and ran into maint with it as i followed with the ion gun, in the mean time she only complained that she wanted to be a psychiatrist (remember she’s the security officer) and asked where her friend was, and that she didn’t want to be sec, also AI reported that Catherine was a ling and killed a PAI and threw it into the pool but… not sure what did DATA, the AI, saw that made her believe she was a ling or perhaps she was refering to Lucy cicero that stole her identity

Not too long after the round eventually crashed, so i had no way to know if Lucy Cicero was an antag all along but if that’s not the case the behaviour they showed broke plenty of rules and the same goes for Catherine… considering that she was a mindshielded security officer from the moment i arrived.


Mhm! i was the detective that round, playing a Sylvester Valentine. Lucy was trespassing into sec repeatedly, stealing items such as flashes and the a-fore-mentioned baton, then, when she would inject people with morphine and shoot people with empty syringe gun syringes for no reason.

The lawyer fiasco was interesting, and all of the following happened on greenalert:
I was there to help detain the shitters (please note, at this time, the only sec I was aware of was me, the detective, Morgan, the HOS, and Catherine, the shitter). the two of them had shoved and cuffed Morgan and calling him shit-sec for “thinking he was above the law,” With Dillion standing in a corner with his back to the window, Lucy was in front of him. The Captain gave Lucy one chance to surrender. when she didn’t, he shot the entire clip of the laser gun through the window… straight into Dillion, critting him. Then he got inside and killed Lucy.
I can’t really blame Dillion for trying not to get involved, seeing as the lawyer is a civilian role, not actually a sec role. I will say that the captain was severely over-escalating by using lethals for multiple offenses during green-alert (before any confirmed lings).


I agree with your comment about Dillion position and that Captain might’ve went to lethals very quick! however i believe at that point we were already on blue(since Gukle brought the headspider to brig some minutes before)

I’m not sure on what part of the line of event this fall off but at one point during me being hostage i used my energy gun to try and disablebut got shoved and eventually the Captain and Lucy did exchange some energy lethal shots, but not many since my e-gun was almost empty, can’t quite pinpoint who started the lethal shooting

If this is peanut or not allowed delete and let me know.

I wanted to add to this the very next round I had some odd interactions with Catherine Wilson (I’m 99% sure) as an assistant.
Latejoin (After crash) as botanist, walk over to the bar since hungry and find catherine wilson climbing on tables and such. I eat a doughnut and she says something about “You stole my things”? Then “I’m gonna murder you now” (might be paraphrasing) Either way she immediately starts attacking me . Pushing, shoving, kicking.
No idea what’s happening so I smash a bottle over her head and run away doing several station laps as she’s hot on my heels. Eventually I slip into a tool storage and lose her.

I dunno, 15 minutes later? She emerges into botany from maintenance, stares at me for a second, I recognize her, and she attacks me again. I try to get away, run out into the hallway where she gets into a fight involving lasers with… someone? Can’t remember, either way I hide in a locker, and a bystander with a PAI is repeatedly hit with laser shots.
Last I remember she had no text on that roundend screen so… Shrug

Weird playing.


Logs fully confirm your story. Furthermore they indicate that neither Catherine or Lucy was an antagonist.
Both players behavior was completely unnaceptable for a roleplay server.

Additionaly i looked into your comment @Daridine and included it when i issued Catherine punishment.