[Unknown] Player Report (Ala Chese)

In-game report: [Unknown] Player Report

CKEY: LodedDiper

Your Discord: Discord User#4914

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ala Chese

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-03-2022

Round Number: 37140

Rules Broken: 1, 8, 9 (probably 5 too)

Incident Description:
Started out with general LRP behaviour, but since he was obviously a new player I let it slide. However, then he brought Beth Green to the freezer and attacked her with a knife, later reasoning he needed “meat”. Was, of course, not an antag. I highly suspect he’s underage.

Additional Information:


I hate to peanut potentially, But I recently played a game with Ala Chese, and he spent the entire round saying things like “you like eating that nut”, other random vulgar shit, I had no interaction with him, i was a sec off he was a scientist i believe, he passive grabbed me and drug me to maints, where he tried punching me to dead, I easily overcame him, considering i was a sec officer and he was just punching. Then when brigged for randomly attacking people, demanded to be allowed to kill himself, when transferred to medical afterwards for a mental heath evaluation or something, he demanded he be pacified via surgery and released, he consented to a surgery, then in the MIDDLE of the surgery changes his mind, gets surgery interrupted by sec who deem it illegal, then after all that, just goes SSD 3 minutes later, i drug him back to sec and put him in our cool new mental health facility we made (a hallway) then saved him, via dragging him on to the prison ship, still SSD, when nukies detonated the station.

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I’d like to add he tried to drag Milly who was SSD away and a guy who was knocked out away for meat.

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Isnt this the guy who wore the rice hat and kept screaming about CHINA NUMBA 1 on 37137?
Dude seens very new and 100% a child


I’ll go over this when I get home

Alright, so, I’ll go over all the rulebreak reports individually and whether or not I think that rule was actually violated:

1 - You Must Roleplay

I’ll let the logs speak for themselves on this one

Logs (Also trigger warning I guess considering some of this stuff is pretty bonkers)

SAY: Ala arabic/(Ala Chese) “make me plant that turn peopole into zombie like in last of us” (Hydroponics (132, 113, 2))

SAY: Ala arabic/(Ala Chese) “i need egplant that turn peopole into pedo” (Hydroponics (134, 115, 2))

SAY: Ala arabic/(Ala Chese) “you cook human body” (Kitchen (135, 120, 2))

SAY: Ala arabic/(Ala Chese) "ching cong choni " (Kitchen (133, 119, 2))

SAY: Ala arabic/(Ala Chese) “ching changi” (Central Primary Hallway (126, 124, 2))

SAY: Ala arabic/(Ala Chese) “welcom to the rice fielled mother fuker” (Central Primary Hallway (122, 115, 2))

SAY: Ala arabic/(Ala Chese) “chinaa number 1” (Central Primary Hallway (126, 125, 2))

There’s way more of this than I care to copy paste in here…

It’s fairly safe to say, yes, this rule was violated

8 & 9 - Do Not Grief & Do Not Self Antag

From what I can tell, it seems Ala was just fighting people for most of the round, sometimes it would just be running up to a random person and attacking them with a kitchen knife, pretty safe to say both of these rules were also violated

5 - Players Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older

Everything else already makes the outcome of this pretty clear, so there is no reason to speculate

Report Processed