Unknown Player Report #42596

In-game report:

CKEY: Yuliy

Your Discord: Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Eats-The-Crew

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-07-2023

Round Number: 42596

Rules Broken: 1, 9

Incident Description: The Lawyer slashed and critted me just as they saw the validate moment.

Additional Information: While I was wondering around in the maintenance as a virologist, I witnessed a detective’s locker, emagged opened wide. Seem to be someone using it, so I have looked into the locker. Until Eats-The-Crew appears behind of me, asking what is going on. I just said that the detective’s locker’s been opened wide by the emag, likely, then they begin to slashed me near to death, without further words.
If it wasn’t the paramedic who got into them and killing them off, I would’ve died.

Were they an antag?

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Nope, they were not an antagonist, checking by the round-end, nor was I being a target of someone’s.

I was an antagonist, I was a BB, you confessed to scanning the locker for prints and I was the one who broke into it so you sort of forced this situation.

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Holy shit this report has layers.

Let me try to summarize what seems to have happened from just what has been said:

  1. This whole thing occurred in maints

  2. You, as virologist, found the detectives locker and unwittingly talked about it with the antagonist who stole and opened it, leading them to believe you scanned it for prints with the detective gear inside. Did you scan it for prints, or was this a misunderstanding @Harry.K?

  3. The antagonist who opened it, whether that was what you said or not, interpreted it as you having caught him red-handed and feels he needs to silence a witness. In turn he escalates to immediate violence in an effort to kill you because they are feeling called out directly.

  4. A nearby paramedic decides to go valid-happy and kill the antagonist, and are the person actually most deserving of being reported in this situation because they have clearly violated their job and server rules both. Paramedic was also an antagonist

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The paramedic did beeline straight for the valid but he was antag also, and he was my target so fair game that he wrecked me. He did say that he scanned it for prints which prompted my attack, also pretty sure you were an antag too so you could of said codewords and I’d of stopped despite only being BB.

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Also I’d like to add that the confusion about the antag status most likely comes from the fact that Paramedic turned me into an AI which changed my name in the end round screen.

On answering of 2, I did scanned for prints, but it was more of fiddling out in the locker contents instead of doing some investigatinon myself.

Answering on 3. I wasn’t sure who opened it, I just knew someone’s involved on this opening the locker, because that wasn’t me. I did not know if Eats-The-Crew was the one who opened it as well, because they came in and said “I don’t like where this is going” or something like that phrase.

Answering on 4. Actually, paramedic was an antagonist as well, simply saving my life by encountering me by accident (He probably didn’t even had the tracker on because my suit sensors wasn’t maxed). I did called out for help on the radio few times when Eats-The-Crew begins to slash on me, so they had reasons to get onto me instead of letting Eats-The-Crew go.

Adding up: There was an argument with the player after this report in the OOC level, themselves complaining about my report and showing little to no respect while salting, as while to be known as having zero RP during their antagonistic actions with another character they’re having. Witness is @WilsonPH who was moderating the dchat. As such, I would like to add rule 7 break on this incident.

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I’m not looking to just go tit for tat, Wilson can also testify that you were being extremely salty and disrespectful too, and kept going with comments like “this guy is such a child” or something to that effect after being told to stop. Both of us were guilty of it, and you’ve already proven in this that your a dishonest rules lawyer, you left out the part about scanning for prints, and you claimed in OOC the round before that i pre-EORG’d you after you shot me with a syringe and i killed you for it, and admitted metagrudging in way of being nrp because it was a character you felt had NRP killed you the day before.
Would also like to add that started because you were shitting on another player and I brought up the previous round and how you were being a hypocrite, which you were and are.