Unknown mime player report

In-game report: Unknown Mime (The Silent Type)

CKEY: doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#5150

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: The silent Type

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 6.1.2022

Round Number: 38442

Rules Broken: Rule 7 , Rule 8 ( kinda) , rule 9

Incident Description: The mime for no reason hacked and bolted the Doors leading to brig on kilo, after beign arrested for it did it again.
they also made invisible walsl just to piss off people or annoy them for no good reason.
They on the orders of the Captain got gulagged( 1000 point sentence) by me where they seem to have broken out of

Additional Information: I dont think such behaviour is fine for a mime or even a clown as it is just straigth up sabotage and not even funny
( edit : they were not a antag )

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I feel like if you want to stick by this point specific examples would be nice to have. After all, that does sound like the kind of thing a mime can do for entertainment that can be received badly.

Alrighty lets break this down.



So basically the mime shocked two doors in total from what I could gather. One in departures and one in the brig both of them being temporary shocked. They got arrested for it and left to wander around freely after they got released where they then got arrested by security again and gulaged permanently.
In both arrests they did annoy security with their fake walls. Overall I don’t see anything here that would make me consider them to be self antagging or griefing. Shocking doors is stinky but it was only two of them and they ate the IC responses for it. Apart from these two incidents I do not see anything that warrants action here they weren’t doing shitter things outside of the security interactions where they weren’t kicking or shoving people either.
One could even argue that them getting permagulagged over this was pretty excessive.

Thanks for the report though!

Report rejected