Unknown Mime griefer Player Report

CKEY: wilsonph

Your Discord: R2D2 From Star Trek

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Silent, but I’m not sure. He was the only mime however.

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09-14-2022

Round Number: 40389

Rules Broken: 8 Do not grief.

Incident Description: I was hanging out at the bar, talking to CHOC the paramedic and D-AI-Sie the Barkeep. In comes running a mime, detonates something (maybe was a grenade) which isn’t strong enough to kill, but heavily injures him and me. I get patched up, all things point to Mime being the suspect so I put cuffs on him and tell CHOC to patch him up. However when I examine him, he’s SSD. I bring him to the Warden who says he’ll probably put him into cryo after he’s served his time. Later on round is over and mime didn’t show up on the round end report as an antag.

Additional Information:
I actually don’t remember if the mime was put to cryo, we later on found his body at a heretic’s sacrificial circle so I assume the warden instead put the mime in a hall.


maybe mime was hypnoflashed?

Hypno should give the antag datum, it will show up in the round end panel.

Even if they were hypnoflashed, they immediately went SSD upon bombing.


Round end after the shuttle landed i was trying to find escape with someone else on the station, (i was Bernard Orchid, secoff) i believe i saw the mime, still SSD in brig infirmary while looking for escape

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I was the warden, the clown annyoed me to put the mime out after his sentence so to not raise a conflict i handed the mime out, we originaly planned to put him in cryo though you are right, the mime was later found on the rune and brought back to brigg since we had much work on sec so no one had time to bring him into cryo sorry, indeed he was no antag thats true ! I dont remember but i think i got killed thats why i couldnt bring the mime to shuttle if i remember right…

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Right, looking into this and everything you’ve said basically matches up.

Karmenkhaos \ Silence \ Mime \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

Mime did nothing but tide into maint for whatever reason, and after that they got their hands of an improvised firebomb somehow. They decided the best course of action was to prime it in a crowded area and disconnect with impressive speed.

13:00:11.541 : Karmenkhaos/(Silence) has primed a improvised firebomb at Starboard Primary Hallway (0, 0, 0) for detonation. (Starboard Primary Hallway (143, 130, 2))

13:00:18.113 : Logout: Karmenkhaos/(Silence)

Report proccessed.