Unknown [Max Power] Player Report

CKEY: Spacegoat

Offender’s CKEY: N/A

Offender’s In-Game Name: Max Power

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-02-2022

Round Number: 37837

Rules Broken:
R3 - Do your job. Breaking into the brig cells to sabotage their ability to hold prisoners for no obvious reason. Ignoring duties to tide and unsecure areas.

R9 - Do not self-antag. Do not willing sabotage the station as a non-antag that would benefit antags. Breaking open secure areas by deconstructing windows, leaving them open, and going so far as to remove cables below electrified window grills.

Incident Description: Max Powers the engineer (or someone with his identity) deconstructed windows, grills, and clipped wires below electrified grills at secure locations and left them open. Akin to the classic fireaxe-ing windows around station.

At the time there was no security on station. I transferred from lawyer to engineering to repair his damage after failing to get the CE to pay attention, aid in demoting him, or get another engineer to repair the damage. It was just a big headache to play this shift.

Areas I know he deconstruct included: Bridge Council meeting room windows. Corporate showcase windows. Courtroom windows. Brig security shuttle. Two separate brig cells including clipping the wires under the grills. Stashed materials from this in the brig cell lockers which further seems to be setting up helping antags escape.

Additional Information: Could have been a brain trauma or was cured of some sort of hypnosis before End of Round Report. Someone had a goal to make Max’s life hell and could have taken his identity to get him arrested (amazing play if so).


@autisme unassign me I am retired

Looking into this I found that everything here was true on top of failRP and even filter bypass at one point.
You need to change your attitude if you want to keep playing here.

Report Processed