[Unknown] Matthew McCoy player report


Your Discord: Some Kind Of Death#2237

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Matthew McCoy and probably the rest of security department

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 14.03.2022

Round Number: 36693

Rules Broken: Rule 12

Incident Description: So right to the point. Was standart chaotic shift on the Sage. Standart traitor, not the problem. But the moment was that i started a fight with local traitor and after noticing she have CQC i began to call other security forces trough our channel. About a minute i was only yelling about that shit, in same time trying to not get caugh by traitor. But as it’s usually goes - no one even responded. AI was “busy” and the HoS was especialy busy with dead detective( Actually he wasn’t busy with him, he just bringed random miner corpse to the brig and begin to search it). He only noticed “Miriam is traitor” after AI telled him and still doesn’t did anything to solve this problem.

Additional Information: Even lied to me that he was busy with “dead” detective.

How is security not showing up in a reasonable timeframe to assist you considered griefing?

ah, a my bad. Wanted to write rule 12, justa bit tired of this day

You can get an Admin to check the logs if you want. Right before I came back to the brig, I was helping the detective, whom I found injured in the courtroom. I tried to bring them to the brig physician’s to heal them but they died along the way. I then took them to medbay and immediately went back and found you shouting at everyone.

By the way, very cool of you to start assaulting me because I didn’t come running in immediately when you called. You’d have killed me if the new HOS hadn’t intervened.

Also, I literally just became acting HOS a few minutes prior after the previous one cryoed. So forgive me if I didn’t immediately gain all prior knowledge of the previous HOS and immediately go to bust Miriam’s chops.


Heya, I was the tot and to be fair, security was kind of understaffed the moment I went loud, I also did actually beat the detective to crit in the courtroom (who also asked for help in law office instead of courtroom) so I would believe Matthew on what they said about the detective and the AI was actually putting some effort in trapping me but they couldn’t do much due to me teleporting around.

The security team (Matthew included), command and even some random assistants with baseball bats did try to arrest me and eventually managed to. While security didn’t answer as fast as you’d expect they actually did their job.


You made a ticket about this, in-round, and it was already handled, in-round. I’ve reviewed the logs a second time, but there’s simply nothing actionable here.