[Unknown] Mary Palmer Player Disco inferno & more Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Unknow

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mary Palmer

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024/02/01

Round Number: 47551

Rules Broken: 3, 1, 8

Incident Description:

Riiiight so, Mary Palmer was the Head of Security that became an acting captain to make it short let me summarize all they did through the round that i saw:

  • Didn’t secure the Nuclear Disk which caused a lone-op to spawn, and when said lone op spawned they… didn’t care much at all.

  • They never followed the chain of command to hand over the acting captain to the proper head of staff(we had an RD and CMO, only when an actual Captain arrived they gave the disk, unsure if they removed their access)

  • During a long of early crisis of antag shenanigans they NEVER replied to Security comms, to the point that the officers had to BREAK INTO ARMORY to gear up, it almost looked like they had sec comms off and took their sweet time to come when called, at one point we had a crisis post-dragon regarding some traitors and when i went to check they were doing atmos-repairs when… we had an atmos tech already repairing a hole the dragon made

  • The most important one: they held a vote for ‘‘which shuttle to buy’’ and they ACCEPTED votes towards the DISCO INFERNO, and keep in mind the people that voted for it were characters that were already known to be criminals and served their time and… Golems, because yes Mary, the opinions of the EX dangerous criminals and some stoneheaded dudes in lavaland are MOST important than what the Security and the crew votes, ultimately i believe they were the ones that bought the shuttle.

  • Lastly, during the shuttle ride they were the one, while inside a mecha, screaming ‘‘SOMEONE LIGHT A FIRE!!’’ multiple times, and even breaking some plasma statues with the LMG of the mecha

Extremely SUBPAR behaviour as a head of staff.


They were also for some reason working on… the turbine?

@XeonMations also mentioned that they saw them at one point in atmos messing with pipes to ‘straight pipe the turbine’ (as a HOS acting captain)

Oh also, I was involved and cant take this


Yeah, if i recall correctly we had to save them because they died on the turbine room, i never saw the scene myself and yeah sure… Two out of two engineers were actual antags but i doubt she took that into consideration to ‘‘secure power’’ given that i proposed a demotion after said engineer did five crimes in total by that point and they were very… adamant to do it (they literaly had sabotaged the R&D servers yet they wanted to play riddles with them to let them keep their job)

They were in atmos quite a lot while we had an actual atmos tech working their ass the entire shift, it’s not like we needed urgent repairs and them being in turbine/atmos/etc led to them never replying to our sec comms.

I believe they also authorized the usage of the gatfruits (?)

Not entirely relevant but there were three engineers, one of them was a non-antag

For context, the botanist during this round grew a bunch of gatfruits which many crewmembers (including myself) obtained, possibly to fight the xenos and/or blob.

This turned out to be way more complicated than I had initially expected.

Seemed fairly incompetent when it came to playing as the Head of Security and Acting Captain during this round, additionally they broke a couple of other rules along the way:

The actual Captain was the one that placed the order for the Disco Inferno, but the HoS was the one that called for the vote and requested that the Captain purchase it. Both are responsible to some degree:

Also had some completely unrelated guy chat spamming with nanites:

Report processed.

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