[Unknown]Honk Honkerson Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Honk Honkerson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02/09/2023

Round Number: 42618

Rules Broken: Self antag.

Incident Description:
Round starts, a testmerge of ‘‘Dead station’’ which is a very small map, Clown sees the layout of bridge, ask ai to open, grabs a hand tele and i was lucky to be on the captain’s office because he would’ve grabbed the spare, there were no sec officers at the time, so he proceeds to tide into every possible department, killing every station pet in the process, i was trying to talk to them so they could hand over the hand tele and do actual pranks, i followed them up on a portal, we were on space he went back in and He closed immediatly leaving me to die, i’d say i played around fifteen minutes of a +1 hour long shift before dying, (leaving the fact that doctors didn’t know how to revive me because synthflesh repairing is bugged,etc)

Clown had no excuse to do it in fact he eventually put himself on perma for… five minutes? until he asked an officer(who arrived late but was briefed of what transpired) to be let out, in fact said officer
(MRDR-800) GAVE the hand tele back to the clown after the clown ‘‘bribed him’’ with a very small amount of credits, the clown then proceeded to try and teleport into ai sat where they got stunned for a couple of minutes, when they got out they decided to hang themselves. On d-chat they blamed ‘‘the shit station layout’’ as their main reason. that excuse is not a pass to self-antag, no one on the crew thought it was funny and my early death eventually caused issues across the entire station that could’ve solved if i was there to help (doors that missed access, sm blowing up, rescuing bodies since i was cmo-acting cap and the ONLY head present on the station, etc) in fact he never attempted to save me, he just pointed at my body, insulted it and even took my sabre and threw it on the trash(surprised he didn’t took all my gear…)


A few days ago he gave me AA after breaking into HOPs office beating HOP to crit and killing Ian, then walked upto me and handed me the nuke disk which was by pure chance one of my objectives, then he hung himself.

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Yeah was a shit round for us, i was the doctor who revived you Mikael Mines, sorry that i had to kill ya as traitor!

bumping this. was this clown banned or something a while back?

Sorry for the delay.

Report was accurate and backed up by logs.
Player also bragged about killing them all within twenty minutes.

Report accepted.