Unknown CKEY, Unknown Borg Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Basicguy20

Your Discord: garfielf #5856

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown medical borg

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/17/2022

Round Number: 41843

Rules Broken: 1

Incident Description: A medicial borg came into our bolted dorm room because I had a few minor injuries as an engineer from a small SM explosion mid-shift. I was talking with my fellow traitor privately when this borg, with no warning or advert on the radio, unbolted our door and walked into a mid-sentence conservation about an agent matter. I’m pretty sure you can’t be forced to be healed unless I’m critical and knocked out and I believe a medical borg going by the same basic medical principles couldn’t be justified violating our privacy for minor injuries in a very low chaotic situation. Power was sustainable from solars.

Additional Information: There are some chatlogs where I am IC very mad about it.

Out of curiosity, what was that cyborg’s lawset?

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No one would tell me AI’s lawset at the end.

You can check using the ‘Show Last Round’ verb in the OOC tab, it that was your last played round. There should be a section detailing the AI and the Cyborgs there.

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it was a basic lawset iirc, crewismov I think. I remember there not being any lawset changes being made throughout the round

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If borgs are allowed to break any character of an actual program (which I assume would be medically professional by programming) could recognize it’s not a good idea to violate their patient’s privacy for extremely nonthreatening damage that can be healed at any time. That would be very disappointing.

If you ask me, borg had grounds to do that.

  1. You were injured (and law 1 states: You may not injure a crew member or, through inaction, allow a crew member to come to harm.), and if he didn’t do anything it’d be breaking this law.

  2. He didn’t know where that damage came from, maybe someone dragged you in dorms and was torturing you.

First comes your health and safety, only then privacy


This is why borgs make the game worse lmao. They’re either doing this or getting subverted and 6 times instantly ejecting people with deadly chems.

get your dirty little game design opinions out your player report

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i don’t think they would see it anyways considering they don’t play their own game.

not meaning to peanut but if you dont want medical doctors or silicons OR ANYONE to find you turn off the effing sensors :slight_smile:


After looking through logs I cant see anything wrong with the situation.
The borg was doing its job to make sure no crew was being harmed, and made sure to heal you.

Report Rejected