CKEY: jikkajoestar

Your Discord: @jikka_joestar

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: The Real Captain

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):

Round Number: 45120

Rules Broken: R2, R7

Incident Description: I was having a normal good time with all the other station members when all of a sudden THIS FUCKING CLOWN PULLS UP AND KIDNAPS ME IN A CLOWN CAR AND WITH 2 MINUTES UNTIL THE SHUTTLE STARTS GOES TO THE SHUTTLE AND KIDNAPS EVERYONE THERE and ensures nobody except him gets greentext because nobody was able to get on the shuttle

Additional Information: FUCK YOU THE REAL CAPTAIN

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Polite reminder to not peanut post and also that the Be Excellent to Eachother rule applies to the forums as well.


The Real Captain was a syndicate incursion member, I forgot to mention that

I was an antag. I didn’t murderbone, I prevented you and more people from escaping. None of these rules apply here. You are being salty and I feel like this is more directed to me the player than my character, so you are not being very excellent to me rught now

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I did not claim that you muderboned, but preventing most of the station from escaping could be seen as powergaming

I didn’t express myself correctly. I said that as “I haven’t murderboned anyone, so I haven’t broken any rules”. Please read the first thing in the rules regarding powergaming.

antags can’t powergame


Alright, I believe that Rule 8 doesn’t apply in this situation, however I believe the other two rules I listed still apply

How did I break rule number 7? Also I roleplayed the entire round, I’m not making an entire roleplay situation just to use a clown car

I believe you were purposefully being annoying with the clown car and disrupting the work flow of everyone involved.

I was affected by the clown car incident and am a bit annoyed about it but- clown didn’t do anything wrong, very frustrating but not breaking any rules also Antagonists exist to disrupt the work flow. I’m not a mod or admin so just saying my 2 cents on the matter.


Don’t peanut post, so unless you were involved here you likely don’t need to post.


You are telling that sentence to an antagonist clown of all people.


clowns don’t have to be assholes to do their job

Antagonist clown


I was also kidnapped that round.
I was doing a gimmick and my shift was just torpedoed.
Like you didn’t even do anything funny you just drove up and down in one spot.

Antags are meant to make the game more fun not dull as fuck.

Unfunny clown, back to clown college for you!!

What everyone fails to realize for some reason is that I got cornered in a room because AI trapped me with the fire doors. What else I’m supposed to do there??? Smash myself into a wall? I had to be in that room

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While I think the clown car has potential for abuse we where only driven around for like 2 minutes max. I can’t see any rules this breaks. They are an antagonist and they antagonize in a funny and interesting way. I think it was very interesting to see them clownap the entire shuttle, drop them off and then cover their escape with the banana peels so only they manage to get back to the shuttle in time. You seem to be salty because you didn’t get the greentext. Maybe if you stopped prioritizing “winning” you might have some fun.


Jul 29, 2023

So, we have an incursion honker

varo10 \ The Real Captain \ Clown \ Incursion Team \ ROUNDSTART \ Mothman

Who convinces his team to help him buy a car, all good so far.
The clown goes around scooping up peoples, classic clown car moment.
In doing so they denied the shuttle to the rest of the crew, including their own team.

SAY: Varo10/(The Real Captain) “it seems” (Emergency Shuttle (226, 177, 9))
SAY: Varo10/(The Real Captain) “I fucked up” (Emergency Shuttle (226, 177, 9))
SAY: Varo10/(The Real Captain) “my other syndicate members” (Emergency Shuttle (226, 177, 9))
SAY: Varo10/(The Real Captain) “with that” (Emergency Shuttle (226, 177, 9))
SAY: Varo10/(The Real Captain) “because no one is here” (Emergency Shuttle (226, 177,9))

Bit lame, but clown car antag moment.
The antag conduct wasn’t broken here, the clown was kind of an asshole, yeah. But they’re an antag clown. It’s allowed.
Report processed, no actions taken

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