[UNKNOWN CKEY] Shit HoS I'm sick of making reports Player Report Edition™-->

CKEY: Varo10

Your Discord: Varo#1467

Offender’s CKEY: Sillybillysilly

Offender’s In-Game Name: Natalie Figureoa

Server: Sage

Date: 2023/07/04

Round Number: 44764

Rules Broken: 1.13. 12 Head of Staff conduct, several SoPs

Incident Description: Told HoS that I don’t want to be dragged and that I can walk alone without being dragged (I had no weapons and we were on green) after being seriously shitsec arrested by Roy and her not doing anything about it, she didn’t listen, followed by me telling her in the cell that I do not consent to being stripped and touched once on the cell and that I can do it and she proceded to ignore me , she then did a bag search on green alert without even telling me about it,throwed my bag out of the cell and then blinded me with the prison flashbang with me not being at any point a menace .

Additional Information: There are 2 clips for this round in this video. The first two relate to this report, the second one is for the QM self antagging report. Shitty HoS and self antag QM report - YouTube

Not handling this one yet but I did want to ask for some clarification. What exactly are you reporting here? From the provided video and the context it seems you were arrested properly and processed correctly as per security SoP. Every arrest results in a bag search, you were stripped down to your jumpsuit but the jumpsuit was not stripped, they properly uncuffed you from the bed. What head os staff conduct or SoP do you believe was broken?

For reference you can find brigging procedures here

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" 1. The Head of Security is responsible for the actions of Security Officers, and is expected to terminate officers that actively break guidelines and SOP."

The HoS is responsible of that officer using of a gun and baton while arresting me while I’m following the orders on green (she didn’t do anything about it), the unnecesary flash on brig, and if she’s going to do wardens job instead of apointing one do it 100%, read my charges and don’t leave my backpack outside my cell while im serving time.

Also on a second note I was salty they didn’t respect any of my petitions to respect my personal space, even more if you take the fact that the worst thing I was doing was painting cargo green, but I guess that’s not SoP and just the HoS being kinda asshoole in that sense, which, is totally in the rules.

And the crime was minor vandalism, why am I serving 5 minutes for some green tiles.

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Disabler and baton are standard for arrest procedure even on green alert. Did they use a lethal weapon?

Edit: I stand corrected on half of this if you were being compliant as you say and it was green alert.

Security Officers must ask a person to surrender peacefully before incapacitating them, unless they pose an immediate threat.
Security Officers are permitted to carry any non-lethal weaponry.

As you can see in the video, I was told an order, I followed it, and I got shot with a disabler and batoned. They should have said “you are under arrest”, not inmediatly beating me.

Alright after getting a chance to look into this I don’t believe there is any action to be taken here. Yes Ray got a little jumpy and shot you with disablers however you were committing vandalism and trespass, warranting an arrest. Yes the HoS should have read you your charges on arrest considering there was no warden. However, I disagree with you sentiment here:

This reads like you are mostly upset that the officer was not fired on the spot for making a small mistake. I would also like to direct you to this little bit from the same page you pulled that line from SoP:
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are general guidelines and may be used as justification for administrative action and/or IC punishments, such as being fired from your position. They are not meant to be followed to the letter, because circumstances and context may permit you to break SOP. However, the fact that SOP is malleable is not an excuse to ignore it entirely.
While people shouldn’t totally ignore their SoP, you don’t need to adhere to it by the letter. All in all yes the events here are unfortunate but I believe this to all be an IC matter rather than a rules break.
Some other points to address:

All of this is standard brigging procedures

again standard brigging procedure

As you said, this is an IC matter however it does make me believe that this post was not made entirely in good faith and was instead made because you were upset at the situation, not that you actually believed a rule was broken.

and trespass.

All in all I don’t see anything here or in logs that indicates a true rule break and I believe the events that have taken place to be entirely IC, with that:
Report Rejected