Unknown Ckey report (Cargo Tech) player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Blackwolf602

Your Discord: Blackwolf602#7912

Offender’s CKEY: UNKNOWN

Offender’s In-Game Name: Dennis oppenheimer

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10-31-2021

Round Number: 33748

Rules Broken: R1, R8, R9,

Incident Description: First issue, while the clown was detained in the cell for fighting the mime, Dennis come up to the cell shouting "Clown lives matter!’ while trying to shatter the glass. I manage to persuade him from his assault on the glass with his baseball bat. Second issue, returning from medbay he has shattered the cell’s glass with his baseball bat and when i go up to him he tried to shocking touch me twice, electrocuting the person standing in the hallway. Third issue, he almost shatters the cell’s window with a tile. when me (deputized scientist) go in to stop him he rushes out and runs circles in sec till he runs out of sec grabbing his baseball bat he runs back into sec to attacking me with it, he eventually frees the (unknown to him) detained traitor with another self-antag (Brody Knut). the hos was interrogating the paramedic. after freeing the traitor (paramedic) the traitor goes to heal them which led to Dennis trying to murder them with his baseball bat too.

Additional Information: seems to be an overall griefer since no admin were on, made zero attempt to roleplay anything, just a self-antag who aided traitor and criminals alike (wasn’t a brainwash victim or traitor either)


Additional information from the traitor paramedic mentioned here (oh hey that’s me!) While I was in cuffs in sec he was trying to drag me out of security. When the hos got dusted and I saw him leaving security I attempted to run after him to heal him up, but he kept baseball batting me until he managed to read me emoting a peace sign (I play a mute character) and wasn’t on the end screen report for being a traitor or anything.

post i am bumping it up i will

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Going over the logs, I can tell that he basically just went around hitting stuff constantly. with his bat for little reasoning. though aside from that no noteworthy history.

Report accepted