Unknown Ckey report (Captain) Player report

In-game report: Unknown (Captain)

CKEY: Blackwolf602

Your Discord: Blackwolf602#7912

Offender’s CKEY: UNKNOWN

Offender’s In-Game Name: Sully Jimtim

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/31/2021

Round Number: 33748

Rules Broken: R12, R3, and R2

Incident Description: General ignoring of threats to the crew and station, uncaring when reported of hos being dusted, possible ai subversion, going to a scene of someone crying for help in surgery (attempted brainwashing), captain did nothing but watch the victim (me) fight off the paramedic and ignoring the victim claims while also letting the traitor free with no pursuit of investigation. seeming to attempt to power game, rainbow slimes, witness to attempt to make meth in chemistry.
Additional Information: the captain would ignore all coms, unhelpful to anything beside his own personal goals, after the last screenshot I walked away and didn’t see the captain again after (shuttle came). can’t post images (new forums account) so will need to discord you the conversation images


A little peanut, but a couple of rounds ago, same player as an AI really ignored quite a bunch of stuff, ones that actually followed their laws and i even remarked it, but the ignoring was high enough that i even thought it was malf

Really needs to be increase his willingness to play with others and be aware of the responsabilities of each role, specially such as Captain and AI

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just bumping this post up

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Any chance someone else could pick this up.

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Pinged Vexy on the beecord.

I will track this thread to see if he responds

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well I pinged them the 5 days ago, so here’s again. can I get someone else to do this report…

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@llol111 @Autistic @Crossedfall

Requesting moderator reassignment.

It has been a month.


Looking into it, some dodgy lines where said. but unfortnatly nothing enough to convict on it. So I dont feel comfetrable accapting this appeal

Also excuse for the delay, I forgot I had this assigned to me