[Unknown CKEY] Player Report-->

In-game report:


Your Discord:CrispierKarma25

Offender’s CKEY:Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name:Lucy Lacemaker

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2023-08-08

Round Number:45267

Rules Broken:2. Powergame (Validhunt)

Incident Description:I join as a cook, Scientist Lucy comes to the kitchen and starts creating food with his silver extract, i tell him that i didnt ask for it but take the food anyway, he asks me to return it back, i cant find it and suddenly get a traitor role. I buy a gun and shoot him once to scare him away, he calls for sec and i get arrested. Then i get arrested the 2nd time and after that he proceeds to follow me everywhere i go just to shove me into the wall and if i fight back he crits me with his esword cake. Later he admitted that he did that because i stole his extract

Additional Information: I dont know if it was him but i think he used nanites to catch me on fire and force me to say things too

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the fist part also sounds like a rule 3 issue. let people do their job.
if you want to add this too


Hey none of this would have happenend if you did not hide and steal my stuff and made real food.
upon being attacked bunch of times I would have to do self defence.

upon reading it again no I did not hear you say I dont want your food and yet you take everything and give out nothing but three rats and two apples.

There is nothing worse then having your job made obsolete by someone else. Unrelated to the ruling of this, please just don’t make or use silver extract when there is a chef on the station.


Look I enjoy feeding the crew but how it was taken from me was not really nice.

It was removed from the bar because you placed it there, removing the need for the chef. Like somone else said rule 3, i would have done the same and thrown it in the bin

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I still could have kept it for personal and RND uses on a other note he was not making any food at all

And you could always make more right? Again i just really dont recommend recommend making it. The chefs only job is food, and unless there isn’t a chef you as a scientist have 100 things you could be making instead. Even by making it, and keeping it in R&D you remove the potential little RP that would otherwise be a scientist heading to the cafe


Not really its rather hard to get my hands on the right things when rainbows are in the picture

This wasn’t valid hunting. I didn’t attack you because you were a traitor, I attacked you because you took my stuff, then tried to hide it and act like nothing happened.

so you chase someone who you knwo has a gun and shot at you, around?


I did not chase him I only interacted with him when I saw him such as laughing and telling sec to check for stuff after he got prison jumpsuit I just sorta laughed at him, then he proceeded to attack me so did self defence just to crit levels.

I add to this too he was free to roam around with the suit and proceeded to steal high value items while being slowly killed by the shocked door.

Nanites were not mine

Hey I’d considered making a report on this same player but left it, after having NotAShark deal with their ahelp they’ve mentioned the same situation three times to random assortments of players in LOOC unprompted by anyone IC usually during a fight to sway opinion I can only assume, very shitty honestly.

quote=“Hugh_Mungus, post:15, topic:23609, full:true”]
Hey I’d considered making a report on this same player but left it, after having NotAShark deal with their ahelp they’ve mentioned the same situation three times to random assortments of players in LOOC unprompted by anyone IC usually during a fight to sway opinion I can only assume, very shitty honestly.

I encourage you to make seperate reports for any issues you may have. In reports we investigate the round reported and generaly not more, unless the admin realy feels like it for some reason.

If you see shittyness happening, report it (ahelp → if dosnt get solved : forums report )

Pre log-dive:

Run-on sentances makes me sad :pensive:
Making your job obsolete by shitting out massive amounts of food is shitty if you were actualy making food. If you werent, its sort of understandable.
Im not sure what you mean by “taking the food”, and then you somehow loose track of it and loose it…?
I understand why you’d want to remove the spammed-out food, at least if you were actualy providing proper food as replacement. I dont understand how you can “not find it”.

Yep thats fine. He pissed you of IC so if you’re a traitor suddenly you can absolutey take out your Ic grudge on him.

Woulda been neat if you told us what happend in between these two.

Shitty of him if true, logs will have to show us who started these fights though since he seems to claim you started the fights.
Following you around constantly is definitely not verry sensible from a character roleplay perspective considering you shot him, but this will be hard to prove via logs alone unless he realy never left your side.

Someone stealing shit from you is a good reason to have a grudge, but starting shit with someone who shot you with a gun does not sound like something a sane person would do. (self-defense is allowed though, even if it makes not total sense sometimes from character side of things. Use sane judgements)

Holy shit man, having read this biig pile of logs, i have to say:
You both seem like unreasonable squabling children throwing a fit.

Lets go through the events as i see them in logs. Imgur links dont embed good and theres a fuck tonne anyways, so if you want to read the actual logs with me im putting the imgut links into these dropdown fields.

To start off with, the food producing extract was produced basicaly at the same time that the cheff joined (cheff was like 15 minutes later than the xenobiologist).
So, there was no way xenobio couldave known about a cheff - it made some sense to make it.



after making some amount of food in RnD, the extract is brought to be used in the bar.
Keep in mind that chef’s been here for like 10 minutes tops at this point, so there likely wasnt any significant food produced.



The chef gets upset at this, and decides to express his disatisfaction by going “Who asked!!!”
to which the xenobio responds “myself”.
What a lovely interaction on both sides.



The cheff starts to pack away the food, which in turn upsets mr xenobio, who imedeatly tattles to sec and the captain. Sadly it is unclear wether the cheff actualy didnt see or was just pretending not to to be an ass. Eitherway, he didnt give back the food like asked.

Not wanting it in your kitchen is reasonable, but just confiscating it is a bit of a dick move.

Xenobio climbs into the kitchen to try and TAKE his shit back, but is opposed with Close Quaters Cooking. Taken without further context thats kinda fine, IC conflict will exsist.



Xenobio wants to just kill the chef now because clearly the reasonable response to someone stealing from you “lets murder that person” ???



Somehow, the chef manages to loose the ensuing fight in kitchen despite having CQC

A minute later, chef gets mid-round traitor.

“What you gonna do, shoot me?”
~Quote from man shot

Since chef was a traitor at this point, he bought a stechkin and shot the guy. IC since hes antag now and had a good reason to want to shoot the guy.

This is of course yelled to sec, along with the theft of food - which is denied by the cheff

As the chef ends up getting arrested, some insults are exchanged. Reasonable IC after this amount of conflict, but not verry wholesome keanu chungus.

Xenobio follows to the brig to keep demanding his shit, but also to gloat.
He also keeps demaning an implant check because ???

We also have our answer for what happend inbetween arrests - the cheff seems to have bought a syndie teleporter and just fucked off out of brig.

Some while later, xenobio catches the chef break into captains quaters.
Hard to say if this was validy combat seeking, or just coincidence.
Looks-at-wall the HOP comes by and HOPcuiritys. Semi-reasonable since hes a head and all, but proabbly could use his own looking-into.
a fight ensues with includes xenobio man, whos still there cause ???
He seems to have thrown the first shove between the two of them, buts realy not that important since HOP is the one that seems to have started before even that.
Chef gets fucked up and dies.



Chef is revived by medical, and gets harrased by xenobio man again, who plainly states thats what hes there to do. I dont think the actual motivation here was validhunting, but rather to satisfy his grudge on the cheff. Its still realy shitty though and questionable at best for roleplay.

Man what a fucking Shitty situation. Eough.

Would have ruled chefs behavior IC, or maybe applied a minor note. There was some assholery from him, but i could see it happening ICly.
Doesnt matter either way, as the chef has since decided to remove himself from the server permanently via self-requested ban.

Xenobio man was acting somewhat reasonably in the beggining, but definitely did some assholey things.
Harrasing and beating on the cheff past the initial scuffle in the kitchen is definitely going over board and shitty. Punishment will be applied, but will be somewhat less harsh as it might have been, as this was 2 months ago at this point - Sorry about that, that part is totaly my fault :speak_no_evil: