[Unknown CKEY] Player Report (Syndicate borgs)

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Unknown, were changed into syndicate borgs by wizard without slaving
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Some crew were changed into borgs by a wizard, they were not slaved, so were non-antags. Proceeded to antagonize crew, killing Cap.


Cyborgs created with the Staff of Change do not start with any laws and as such retain whatever personality and loyalties they had before the change.
However, it is very common for Wizards to kill people and then turn them into Shades before transforming them. Shades are loyal to the Wizard so Cyborgs created from Shades are antagonists.
Was this what happened or were they normal, living crew that were just transformed?

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They were not shades, just transformed

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Please don’t tell me you’re reporting every single person hit by a bolt of change without including any names or other relevant information to make processing this easier.

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They were called Box and Heart for a period. Two people. Made several announcements on the Cap’s console, killed Cap, had a fight in the Detective or Lawyers’s office not sure which.

It might’ve only been one that was self-antagging, at least one of them was nice.


I think I was in this round, I’m not sure about the other syndicate borgs but I was shaded before I got transformed and I’d believe the others may have been as well, to be honest.

Edit: I had been transformed near the end of the round, for context. Nobody else seemed to be alive so I just started emagging things