[Unknown Ckey] Player report (Ramon Heisenberg)

CKEY: Gilgax

Your Discord: Gilgax#1777

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ramon Heisenberg

Server (Sage or Acacia): Acacia

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 31-05-2022 (just past midnight at GMT+1)

Round Number: 38410

Rules Broken: Spoilers! 9 Do Not Self-Antag; 14 Metagaming and Meta-communications; possibly 2 No Powergaming

Incident Description: Here we are again, uh? I’d seen Ramon break rules a few times, ahelped on acacia, no response left it at that, wasn’t too bad. This was too bad.

I’m playing Matt the wheelchair bound HoP, as acting captain. Somehow, Ramon gets his hands on an emag, breaks into the bridge, steals a suit then breaks into the teleporter area, and has his shotgun out while doing so. Me, acting RD and AI come to the conclusion Ramon had done it based on the shotgun, AI’s heresay and me scanning for DNA on the broken suit storage inside the bridge giving me his prints. At around this point AI is telling everyone to be careful of him and he tries to clear his name over comms.
We notice that the teleporter that was broken into was set to the explorer shuttle and the explorer hasn’t answered comms in a while, so we’re afraid they might’ve gotten hurt (found out later that no, they had gone cryo). No sec of any kind, so me, acting captain on a wheel chair, grab the acting RD and an energy gun to try to stop them.
We get there, area is depressurized, he’s trying to leave on the shuttle. He tells us one last time he’s not a traitor. I tell him I don’t believe him and I hope he comes with me to the brig the easy way. He says “you’ll never take me alive” or something before pulling out an e-sword. So I blasted them with disabler shots before they closed the gap and I ziptied them. He goes catatonic before I can drag him out of the room. He must’ve dropped or hid some of the stuff, because all I found on him was a chemical nade and syringe with someone’s blood.
So this it the point where I tell you that the round report tells us Ramon wasn’t an antag and all you read was a normal crewmember’s actions.
But, Gil I hear you say, why are you calling out rule 14? Well, it gets better. He spawned as a golem on board the station, proceed to try to get revenge, actually IC saying he was Ramon. AI’s shell quickly dispatched them though.

Additional Information: TLDR: Ramon does a classic traitor schtick without being traitor but having traitor gear and using it, then tried to get revenge in another life after going catatonic.

I did ahelp during this incident, but what made me write this report was the end-round report. I swear, I keep wanting to apply for mod and become resident acacia ghost while I watch movies on my second monitor. One of these days.


So looking through the logs, at no point did they emag anything.
They got an E-sword apparently by purchasing one from an antagonist (IC corruption, in my opinion) but never actually attacked anyone with it except a door at some point. Taking it out and brandishing it isn’t logged, but the say logs support that something like what was described here happened.

Also, they did come back as a golem and were metagaming their previous life, which is a big no no.

Report processed.