Unknown CKEY Player Report (Kat Newton)

In-game report:

CKEY: LodedDiper

Your Discord: Discord User#4914

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kat Newton

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-30-2022

Round Number: 38393

Rules Broken: You must RP

Incident Description: This is really petty but here is a head of staff using LRP terms on common. The screenshot is self-explanatory tbh.

Additional Information:

I hope one day nya finally gets classified as netspeak.
No admins were present throughout the round so I could not ahelp.


Yet Nya is not qualified as netspeak, has been said multiple times with admins present, and has already been debated several times. This report has no reason to exist


…you know there’s also the word “based” being said? Genuinely look at this and tell me this meets our RP standards.


Based is still not something that gets bwoinked over by admins, for seeing heads and many other people use it. Same as nya.


It does. I’ve seen admins do this.


Just the other round this player, Kat, as CE, forced the AI to say nya in every sentence by uploading a law it was clearly uncomfortable with.

During a cult round


@llol111 has said before both are bwoinkable

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And that would be a more valid report than a lone sentence in a single round

I can guarantee if you look over the logs for the round in LodedDipers report they will have used the word constantly.

This player says it every chance they get, and in OOC they constantly say uwu


I was the AI :frowning:

Next round the AI also got Nyaspeak laws, though I’m not sure if it was Kat’s doing


The netspeak rules are super odd to me. I understand it for things like abbreviations (lol, lmao, afk) and emotes (you cannot say “:/“). That’s how the rule is written, and I think that’s fine. But like, do y’all not realize that ‘based’ is an actual thing that people say nowadays? Sometimes shit that starts off on the internet begins to translate into everyday speech. Acting like this doesn’t happen and banning use of any term that originated online is overly restrictive and unrealistic, I feel.

But yes, as per prior admin rulings, it is currently known that “based” is considered netspeak and isn’t allowed. I find it more likely that this player just doesn’t know that and would need to be informed of that, because the rules don’t directly state things like this should be considered netspeak at all.

Nyaspeak law cringe though.


I have absolutley no context for the report here
and i dont inted to aquire any either
so dont respond with details or corrections or whatvere idc

Based is for sure netspeak-ish and while we might look past it if it slips out of yo mouth once in an hour, it is bonkable for LRP speach for sure.

The exact same applies for “Nya”. If its once in a while ill cringe at it but prolly not care too much. If you say it all the time then its also LRP behaviour and may catch you a bonk
(Not to speak of going full on cutesy UWU-speech act, that shit ought to get you lighninged/fireballed/gibbed and noted for sure)

Idk if admins have been enforcing this properly, i admitedly dont often have my eyes on the base-level of what actualy happens on the server these days.

What is sure is that “lots of others do it all the time, and dont get punished” is not, and hasnt ever been, an argument. Just because others are also breaking the rules does not mean you are allowed to also break it.
Instead, why dont you ahelp these people? Unironocaly, genuinely, pleas please do. It makes out job alot easier.


Getting a bit off topic here, but whenever I want to report it, either no admins are online or the admins in question don’t care.

I reported someone saying nya constantly once and Aeder replied with “so what?” and closed the ahelp

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This player has been talked to about LRP behavior in the past, but saying “nya” a couple of times doesn’t really warrant further action, in my opinion.

Report rejected.