[Unknown CKEY] Player Report (Kai Nheling)

Your Discord:
Offender’s CKEY:
Offender’s In-Game Name:
Kai Nheling
Server (Sage or Acacia):
Date (MM-DD-YYYY):
Round Number:
Rules Broken:
R9 (self-antag)
Incident Description:
I was CMO, they were brought to medbay dead after breaking into virology and getting killed by someone in self defense or something, had lethal shotgun on them and apparently made a bunch of hidden doors and did a bunch of shady shit. The roundend didn’t have them as antag, so unless it was Mulligan they were definitely self-antagging hardcore.


just adding onto this to say if it was mulligan you would’ve seen “[insert name] as Kai Nhelling and survived/died” i’m pretty sure


Bumping since its been a little while

I apologize for the delay but aeder seems to be very busy/not active at the moment. Will see if he is able to resolve this report in the near future otherwise I’m going to reassign this report.


Hello, sorry for the delay.

There is no round 38850 on Sage, it is on Acacia, and on the manifest for players throughout the round neither you or this other person appear.

Alright so after some digging this is 38848.

There’s a lot of mess in the logs and 90% of it looks just like fail RP rather than valid hunting or similar. Most of the time throwing random garbage around and pushing people, till they decided to light grief the viro and free their monkies.

There’s no log of them obtaining the gun as it was likely maint loot.
No logs of them murdering or griefing any further than the above.
The shotgun they had was filled with beanbags, from bar.

The viro didn’t take kindly to their monkey enclosure being damaged and releasing them, which is how they became intimately acquainted with an oxygen tank, leading to them arriving in medbay.

Will be watched for further behavior and noted.