[Unknown CKEY] Player Report (Jeremiah Wood)

Your Discord:
Offender’s CKEY:
Offender’s In-Game Name:
Jeremiah Wood
Server (Sage or Acacia):
Date (MM-DD-YYYY):
Round Number:
Rules Broken:
R9 (self-antag), R3 (do your job)
Incident Description:
Was an Assistant. Spent the entire shift greytiding, running around, stealing stuff, breaking into places. Was constantly running around medical, I told him to get out and be useful a few times. Eventually broke into the storage and printed chem stuff from our lathe, and made a chem dispenser in Chapel. After this, blew himself up trying to break into my office (I was CMO) and then went SSD. We put him into cryo, and that was it. Sure enough, roundend, not antag.

Probably got into loads of other trouble I don’t know about, since I mostly stayed in medical and he was all over.

Thinking back I probably should’ve just ahelped but he’d already SSD when I decided to report, so.

Dude seems to know what he’s doing, so I think he’s some robust greytider from LRP servers or something.


Will take a look at this after work. In 13 hours ish.

Even if they are SSD it’s definitely worth ahelping in round. With the in client tools it can be resolved in 5 minutes. Logs will take roughly 4 or more times that.

Still happy to help, just an FYI.

Alright so the issue with this is, it’s very difficult to prove the absence of something.

There is no assistant SOP, will mention this at next meeting and see what can be done about it.
R3 is quite vague here other than a general “be useful” which it doesn’t appear they were in this case at all.

There’s no logs of them breaking in anywhere, so getting into medbay either the doors were open, or they followed in, can’t check that here.
There’s no logs of any assaults or griefing of that sort.
There’s no logs of much said other than pretty NRP speak, random swearing and screaming nonsense, can’t see them having a single genuine conversation.

They are logged 90% of the round eating and drinking themselves into a coma / OD.
They are logged throwing random objects constantly, but not hitting anything, just generally making a mess, and threatening to hit other players with them.
They are logged exploding at medbay and with the logs of them and the chem dispenser, and the lack of any kind’ve RP looks like this is sorted and quite clear cut.

Noted the history of this player for exactly this kind of behavior. Sent to the shadow realm.