Unknown CKEY Player Report (Gavin Kelly)

In-game report:


Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY:

Offender’s In-Game Name:
Gavin Kelly

Server (Sage or Acacia):

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):

Round Number:

Rules Broken:
9 Do Not Self-Antag (3 Do Your Job)

Incident Description:
The person in question was playing as Chemist this round. I late joined as a cyborg and became a mediborg. Upon entering Medbay there were already some weird pills on a table called: Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. At first, I didn’t think much of it but it later became apparent that these would have “unfortunate side effects” as the Chemist would call them. It was giving people heart attacks.

I’ve also had a patient asking if they could be scanned, it turned out the chemist gave them ~90 units of itching powder.

Like many chemists, they were making their own chemicals (not a problem), but they were not helpful in providing medicine to cure the patients. Even though that’s just a minor thing it’s still in the rules to follow SOP.

Additional Information:

The end-of-round report mentioned only 1 traitor. (a mime)

I was the patient who got a large beaker of itching powder thrown at me. He was hanging out with the Mime so I assumed they were pals or somethin’. I didn’t die from it but was worried of its consequences so I sticked to a Mediborg and chugged some Charcoal.

Tried to ask him about it later over LOOC when I stumbled upon him in the following round. To which he simply ignored it…

All confirmed by logs.

Report accepted.