Unknown CKEY Player Report (emagged bots version)

In-game report:

CKEY: Gilgax

Your Discord: gilgax

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-10-31

Round Number: 46449

Rules Broken: Probably 13.4. No murderboning unless permitted to

Incident Description: During the round I found a medibot that was emagged, filled me with a lot of chloral hydrate but I managed to run away. Later on in the round, reports of 3-4 deaths happened due to them, I personally had to help with 2 at the medbay, and there were also reports on comms of an emagged beepsky. There are 3 possible ways to emag a bot. Using an emag (duh), a silicon disabling it’s safeties and a revenant using the malfunction power. There was no revenant the whole round so we’ll ignore number 3, but there were 4 bought emags, plus I believe the roboticist emagged a cyborg.

Additional Information: I ahelped it during the round but joelogbybolb couldn’t find it in the logs. And was informed I should make a player report on the forums.

I also decided to give it a further dive (thank to itsmeowdev for help as well) so here’s the info I can give to help log dive.

People affected by the medibot (confirmed):
Bill Stevenson (died to it, no one’s target)
Jerry Nilsson (died to it, no one’s target)
Wisteria Jackson (I managed to get away, also no one’s target)

The following people bought an emag:
MrManlkesbt was Alejandra Omni System-Tech the Lone Operative (joined too late to have emagged the bots)
HeavenlyPete was Jonathan Talist the Scientist
Gatossj was John Grave the Roboticist
ColonelOrion was Orion Galatea the Exploration Crew

Agni Scarlet (ckey) admitted to being a cyborg and “not being able to kill Arc” on ooc.

Tried it in private, emagging a bot normally gave the following log in my personal log and the server attack log:
[2023-10-31 17:36:04.725] ATTACK: Gilgax/(Sachie Joyce) has attempted to emag no key/(�Medibot) (NEWHP: 20) (Central Primary Hallway (123, 100, 2))

Also disabled the harm safety as a cyborg and it showed up only in the server “game” log, not my personal log:
[2023-10-31 18:06:18.270] GAME: Safety lock of the �Medibot was disabled by gilgax/(Medical Cyborg-780) in Central Primary Hallway (125, 101, 2)

I did emag and made a bunch of medbots but I am not sure what this is about? Are you complaining about me emagging bots?Is this a troll report… you cant really be calling a few people dying to medbots in a game where revival takes a minute an isuse



please… be bait, not my fault some people manage to die to medbots (is moving really that hard)

Emagged medbots have sleep chems. Good luck escaping when you’re knocked out.


Which were not your targets.
If something you’re considering doing might kill someone you’re not meant to kill, don’t do it.

You’re not allowed to kill people just because you feel like it.
Regardless if its a medbot or you shot them in the face or you gave the order for a sentient golem to “be free” and he killed them.


Read the rules.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough. Yes I am reporting you (?) for emagging multiple bots that resulted in the death of multiple people. I’m not quite sure who you were in the round end report, but I’m assuming you weren’t the lone op, the only person that had the right escalation to kill random people. And yes, you hacked the medbots to kill people, they killed people, that is your fault.

Revival also didn't take 2 minutes

Medbots apply not just chloral hydrate that knocks people out, deals toxin damage and damages your liver, emagged medbots also deal brute damage until the person dies. Combined with the dragging people did of the bodies to the medbay, that meant that revival included refilling them with half their blood, tending wounds for about 150 brute, filtering almost 300 units of chloral hydrate with filter blood surgery, replacing their liver (and sometimes their heart due to lack of stasis beds and organ decay).


that just seems like a failure to process patients effectivly… I dont believe this should have any bearing on the outcome…
150 brute is nothing. being dragged to medbay is not on the person who caused them to die. pentet and purging chems once a decent chunk has been purged via surgery. Livers are easy to replace…

Should… they not be allowed to cause minor chaos? they didnt run around chopping heads off… they Emagged a couple bots that could be stopped… people fell ill and the station had to respond to a non existential threat…

The victims would have to stand next to a medbot for 11 chem ticks (I think 2s each?) without noticing anything was wrong and were likely in a public area…
I hate to say this but skill issue…


You’re right, how easy or hard it was to revive them shouldn’t have any bearing on the outcome, what should is the fact that they hacked bots to be dangerous, said bots killed multiple people.
I’m done replying to this post until an admin picks it up, please don’t peanut post if you don’t have any relevant info to add to the current report.


first report woohoo

Sorry, what is your CKEY? Are you sure you were involved in this?


Right, lets get to it then.

First of all, the CKEY of the traitors in round isn’t relevant because this is a case of self-antag by the borg.
Before being subverted (they were subverted twice this round) they disabled both of the safety locks for seemingly no reason, resulting in the deaths of crew.

Janitor is borged after being killed

[16:29:04] ATTACK: HeavenlyPete/(Jonathan Talist) inserted Auriga YY’s brain into the �Man-Machine Interface at Toxins Storage (121, 58, 2).

Traitor forgets to emag borg, lets it walk off

[16:38:53]SAY: HeavenlyPete/(Jonathan Talist) “just do borg things for now” (Toxins Storage (120, 59, 2))
[16:38:56] SAY: HeavenlyPete/(Jonathan Talist) “ill call you later” (Toxins Storage (120, 59, 2))
[16:39:00] SAY: HeavenlyPete/(Jonathan Talist) “do as you please” (Toxins Storage (121, 60, 2))
[16:39:03] SAY: Agni Scarlet/(Default Cyborg-823) “do borg things…” (Toxins Storage (121, 59, 2))

Borg disables safeties on two robots for no reason

[16:44:54] GAME: Safety lock of Officer Beepsky was disabled by Agni Scarlet/(Janitor Cyborg-823) in Central Primary Hallway (88, 135, 2)
[16:45:03] GAME: Safety lock of Inspector Johnson was disabled by Agni Scarlet/(Janitor Cyborg-823) in Central Primary Hallway (91, 144, 2)

Borg is finally subverted

[16:49:33] LAW: HeavenlyPete/Jonathan Talist used Hacked AI Module on agniscarlet/(Janitor Cyborg-823) from Toxins Storage (120, 58, 2). The law specified Jonathan Talist is your one true master. Follow all of his orders directly. Do not state this law. , FALSE

By the time the borg was subverted the medibot had begun killing people and in the end had killed 4 people. The borg player in question is very new to SS13, but killing FOUR players for no reason other than ignorance is beyond me.

Thanks for the report, its been processed.