[UNKNOWN CKEY] Player Report Chemist griefer

CKEY: Varo10

Your Discord:Varo#1467

Offender’s CKEY: UNKNOWN

Offender’s In-Game Name: Arnold Marketfisher, Bubby Bobbze

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06/14/2000

Round Number: 44476

Rules Broken: Killing and hurting people as non antag

Incident Description: Hitting people woth a shovel in the middle of the hallways, then keeps hitting me in medbay after I try to leave. I defend myself with a toolbox, the other chemist comes in and helps him kill me.

Additional Information: I gave a security officer their shovel when they were in the hallway hitting me for no reason. At the start of the video you can see they throwed things at me and I were already hurt. When I slip him, a wrench comes off that he had to hit me. Video link: SS13 REPORT - YouTube

I didn’t specify who was the one with the shovel. Arnold was the overall griefer, Bubby just came and helped him, but I saw on chat they may be both griefers (don’t quote me on that), so better check Bubby’s overall game just in case

the other chemists name was bubby bobboze.
they also had multiple syringes and a syringe gun filled with CLF3 and napalem on them.
arnoold also had soem pretty lrpy say logs.
i also maybe suspect metacomms between the two

Oh boy oh boy perma incoming

you told me you were cremated or something too?

Yeah one of them cremated me I think and then threw me on disposal machine

ah, you mean husked then, cremated is when you get turned into dust

I used cremated cuz that’s the word you used and I thought they were the same. They turned me on fire IIRC, but the disposals part happened 100%


Logs and history confirm this, they both created a lot of dangerous weaponry and proceeded to “test” it on crew and use it wildly. Also some reason to suspect meta-comms between the two. With this in mind I think it’s safe to say these two need to go.

Report Accepted