Unknown CKEY Player Report (Aubrie Cowper)

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Offender’s CKEY:
Offender’s In-Game Name:
Aubrie Cowper
Server (Sage or Acacia):
Date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Round Number:
Rules Broken:
R2 (No powergaming), R9 (No self-antag)
Incident Description:
Aubrie was not an antagonist but did several major crimes, some in ‘self-defense’, but definitively going too far in certain situations and over escalating.

The shift starts, I hear that VIEW (traitor) and Aubrie (non-antatg genticist) get into a fight in chemistry after chem blows up (not sure why), Aubrie then stole the chemistry dispenser (which was emagged, by VIEW) and took it into gene to make unstable mutagen. This was considered theft so myself Rook Baer (Captain) and the only secoff Cliff Zaun stepped in to search and arrest them for theft.

They were brigged for the theft, and upon release got into some kind of altercation with VIEW where supposedly VIEW said they were going to bomb Aubrie. Aubrie responded to this by attacking in ‘self-defense’. Upon hearing of this myself and Cliff went to arrest them again for aggravated assault, upon which Aubrie immediately hulked themselves and started fleeing and urging us to talk with them.

We then cooled things down to talk for a bit. Cliff left to get equipment while I talked with Aubrie. Cliff then started an attack using an explosive grenade made by VIEW after nonlethal methods failed to arrest them or remove the hulk. Which I think was overescalation, but it occurred nonetheless. Then Aubrie ran into maints, we chased them with the limited lethals we had, Aubrie ended up killing Cliff and we just barely escaped into the sci xenoarch room. Aubrie did not seem interested in keeping the body at least and took steps to revive Cliff.

I then went blue alert and grabbed my captain gun and a shotgun to de-hulk Aubrie since now they were considered a major threat in Rook’s book and the only secoff was dead (I had no idea Aubrie was actively reviving them).

I briefly talked with Aubrie, told them to get away from Cliff’s body which they were doing surgery on, we got in a scuffle with a gas grenade that VIEW provided to me that failed. I passed out for a second and they spared me, which was a very fair play of them. Then I shot them in medical storage until they fell over, and they actually de-hulked themselves at that point.

I quickly revived them and took them to brig, where I agreed to only charge them with aggravated assault, because they were mostly acting in self-defense since Cliff threw an explosive at them.

After escaping they seem to have gotten in another scuffle and set VIEW on fire, upon which VIEW decapitated them with their esword.

All in all it was a bit iffy on both sides but I think Aubrie was pushing it too far. The hulk was also super powergamey.

Hello, I was VIEW, a traitor chemist that round. So!

I accidentally blew myself up in Chemistry while trying to make Happiness for Cliff, the Sec-off, get revived, come back to my lab and Aubrie is stealing my Chem Dispenser and saying they “have as much of a right to it as you” and “need it more than you” (they could’ve just asked for mutagen). Dispenser wasn’t emagged by me, likely someone ran in and did that while I was dead and chemistry was exposed. Anyhow, during that altercation Aubrie decided throwing me into a glass table was a great idea, which was overescalation on their part.

I made an offhand comment to them (I believe after an insult they said?) that “We will bomb you” or something along those lines, where Aubrie then thinks its a great idea to get into ANOTHER fight and smash me into three more glass tables, with me calling for Security at that point but none coming.

Cliff asked for a grenade which I provided, while trying to make a better one for personal traitor use, apparently that failed, nothing much to add there. Gas grenade also failed due to them wearing internals, likely due to the breach from the Grenade Cliff used.

Aubrie is then in Chemistry, again, without asking, and immediately sets me on fire after I tell them to get out, I deploy a grenade, kill them via e-sword while they try and use Hulk to fight me. AI gets mad, I debrain and then later on try to clone them but they decided to go soulless.

The player in question Byndprincess has been permabanned due to griefing and evasion

Report Processed