Unknown CKEY Player Report #34689

CKEY: StupidMoran
Your Discord: Nope
Offender’s CKEY: Dunno
Offender’s In-Game Name: Abby Cadaver
Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage
Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/14/2021
Round Number: 34689
Rules Broken: 3, 8, 9
Incident Description:
As detective attempted to cuff me in shuttle redbox for playing with laser around her (catgirl), which I took offense to and shoved her, then after a bit of shoving she decides to start hitting me with her fists and then baton, at no point did I attack her. Smashed me into crit and cuffed me to a chair.
Additional Information:

aight so

events as i undetsrand them and are supported by logs:
→ you fuck with the detective via laserpointer trollge vs catbeast
→ he tries but fails to arrest you
→ cause you start shoving him
→ this escalates into shoving each other repeatedly
→ you end up “on top” for a while
→ in response the detective starts to punch you into crit

As per escalation policy, you were the agressor here. The detective was as such in their right to escalate to damaging actions.
Once you were in crit, medical aid was renderd although this was only an epi-pen.

Certainly on the edge of whats okay or not okay. This is hard to judge either way ofc, since i can only go by textlogs - wasnt there.

They told you to fuck off with the laser before any of this started, which you didnt, further painting you as the instigator here.

should be pointed out - Neither of you seem to have done all that well in roleplaying anything.
Though thats again hard to exactly judge via just text logs.

dont fuck with sec and then cry about the consequences


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