[Unknown Ckey] Peter Beak Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Luxlator

Your Discord: Luxlator#9610

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Peter Beak

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 5/3/2023

Round Number: 43893

Rules Broken: Rule 8; Don’t greif

Incident Description:
One of the cargo bounties was to make a contained tesla on the shuttle. Things were going smoothly and I was playing cargo, watching the build as it was kind of interesting. The engineers were figuring out the layout of the multipiece particle accelerator and finally got it figured out. We were just kinda waiting for stuff to be set up.

The in walks security officer Peter Beak and just turned on he accelerator without asking what it was, knowing what it did or anything. The CE even told him to stop and someone to arrest him for endangering the station.

Few minutes later we have a tesloose and I’m thrown against a wall and die.

Round ended extremely early.

Additional Information:


Few seconds later*

I was the CE. tesla setup was almost done, only missing the grounding rods. That guy comes in and just turns on the PA without saying anything


Made me sad cause I was trying to do my gimmick just to be nuked by a tesla blast

This was like, one hour into the round.
He didn’t cause this 20 mins into the shift, and while what he did massively sucks, it wasn’t outright grief - from what I saw and my interactions with the guy, he just seemed to be a bit hotheaded and new. He played a sec officer, too, so he really could have had much more opportunities to grief if that was his goal, before the tesla spawned

He’s new but far from innocent

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That’s a job ban & a server ban for a single occurence - maybe he’s accumulated a lot of notes so this could be fully wrong, but a single bannable instance of him pushing things too far does not indicate a pattern of “will straight up cause a tesloose for fun & grief”

I’m not saying what’s in the op isn’t bannable, I’m saying this looked, as far as i witnessed in round, not straight up grief and more stupidity

i mean is it not common sense not to press random buttons on the giant death engine? Never once on my beestation career have I seen someone midconstruction of an engine and think “I should turn this on”


So what rule would you have said was broken? I feel like it wasnt an intentional greif but nonetheless still a greif.

Alternatively I couldve brought up the do your job rule as he was a random security officer who shouldn’t have cargo access somehow have gotten into the cargo warehouse, started messing with thngs that engineers should only be measing with.

There was absolutely no reason for him to be in cargo. No suspicion of crime, no access so I was thinking he snuck in but I honestly don’t know. Its a major red flag that he just walked into cargo without a single word and started up the accelerator.

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coulda been the officer stationed at cargo which gives him access and a right to keep a general eye on it for security reasons. Still no good reason for him to turn on the damn tesla though


I thought it was just the one guy? If he had been stationed in cargo why wasn’t he in cargo all round? Maybe he saw another secoff walk in and got confused?

Considering his record of continuing to grief other players, as confirmed by another player report opened on him, I highly doubt this was just stupidity.


Report processed.