Unknown CKEY of Luca Snyda Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Noodlecat

Your Discord: None

Offender’s CKEY: Kameron Walton

LRP or MRP server:MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Luca Snyda

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7/14/2021

Round Number: 31333

Rules Broken: R10, R8, R2

Incident Description: was setting up a cult base in maints, when the viro showed up and i, being a reasonable cultist, seized the opportunity, i stunned and brought him to the base, although random simple mobs started spawning for no reason and they nearly killed him on the way, he never died, brought him to cult area, he started talking cult speak in radio, thought that it would be fine because i would have him converted. Dragged him to the rune and converted, he ghosted and went catatonic. dealing with his body revealed us to everyone and costed us the round.

Additional Information:

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Possibility he was rolebanned from cult?

It’ll boot you out and offer your body to ghosts. If presumably there are no ghosts then he will be cata.

No they are not.

Not yet at least, they are going to be very soon, as well as from other antags and from Sage for a bit.

This was simple enough for me to log dive from phone, and the logs show them spamming keyboard smash and then ghosting wilfully as soon as converted. They have a rather ancient ban for attacking rev head too so it’s probably safe to say they have something against being converted.

No forum account, this will be fully processed shortly.


Something is always kinda strange about people who ghost or try to harm their converters with conversion antags. Like normally I see people come out from nowhere forgetting how to defend themselves in any way when a conversion antag is confirmed for a chance to get that juicy antag status. At least the people putting themselves in the way of conversion antags don’t ruin it for everyone, but revealing a cult near round start then ghosting is a dick move.

Unfortunately conversion antags never works properly with MRP mindset since they immediately break the flow of the “roleplaying” part of the game. One minute you’re talking in the bar and then the next you are in front of a bloody ritual circle trying to figure out what to do.