[unknown CKEY] Naome Shinomiya Player Report

CKEY: joelogbybolb

Your Discord: JixS4v#2591

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Naome Shinomiya

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-07-2023

Round Number: 43480

Rules Broken: 1 You Must roleplay, 7 Be excellent to eachother

Incident Description: I was the clown and I asked if I could enter med, the CMO said no so as a prank I pied them. They then proceeded to push me around and repeatedly telebaton me for a while, I kept trying to run away but they kept following me. They then stole my PDA and threw it away. I could not retrieve it for the rest of the round. Her reason? “I just fucking hate clowns”. I then, as the clown with a stolen PDA wanted to get back at her. I had obtained some monkey cubes so i put them in med and hydrated them as a prank. It went a little sideways since the monkeys apparently hurt medical staff quite badly. My intention was for them to just be there and be a general nuisance, as monkeys often are. The CMO chased me down and stabbed me with a laser scalpel into hardcrit. I think this is unacceptable behaviour for Command players who are held to a higher standard of roleplay.

Additional Information:


This part is definitely unacceptable.

Personally I would include the whole monkey cube debacle under “Disturbing the peace”, with a side of “Creating a hazzard” and get SEC to throw you in brig for a 5 minute time out. CMO is in the wrong for choosing this level of violence.

Leaning in on the “Stolen PDA” thing. while you can slip people with it that also means you taking the risk of having it thrown out or stolen like the rest of your slipery tools. You’ll just have to become adept in fenagling people into giving you soap and bananas so you don’t have to resort to using your PDA, because good luck getting anyone to help you with retrieving that annoying thing.

If this is the round where I shotgunned a mime (declared IC in round), CMO was acting genuinely like a asshole to everyone. Even sec commented on it. Even my fucking sec paperwork commented on it. They were at the point where they pulled a baton on a bartender for asking for morphine, you know, for drinks. Bartender responded with a beanbag because, you know, he was threatened with a baton. They then literally chased the bartender ALL around the station. Up, down, around, you name it. Eventually I downed em both to try to talk. Even then, the CMO was a asshole. They both were running, after all. Just 24/7, asshole.

I can attest they were… not nice to play with. Lowkey a dick.

edit: look for the numerous claims to me doing paperwork to see if this is the same round, on flandstation.


I was the doctor Slapping you while CMO was beating you with a baton. I agree they went to far when they started to stab you. Also, They hid your PDA in a locked locker in medical found out about it around the time shuttle was called.

They seem to really like abusing that baton, man.

I think she pulled out the PDA from my belt after she was done beating me

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sheesh, that’d be a step too far.

I think she went a step too far when she started beating me


Alright, let’s see

elit3zinhu \ Naome Shinomiya \ Chief Medical Officer \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART

And we’re off to a good start, CMO only blurts out a single voice line then starts blasting away

Then some medbay things happen, clown encounter happens and they chase the clown all the way to Departures from Medbay.

ATTACK: Elit3zinhu/(Naome Shinomiya) has stunned Joelogbybolb/(Pablo Arlandis) with the telescopic baton (NEWHP: 100) (Departure Lounge (60, 156, 2))

This is… quite the attitude, especially coming from a CMO

Some more medbay stuff happens and then the CMO decides to straight up declare a hunt for the clown and chase him down with a laser scalpel

Alright, report accepted.

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