Unknown CKEY Miriam Hornet Player Report

CKEY: DerpiestBruh

Your Discord: DerpiestBruh#5641

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Miriam Hornet

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 9/1/21

Round Number: 32429

Rules Broken: 1 - You Must Roleplay

Incident Description: Miriam Hornet the Captain arrived late in the shift, she ran to the bridge to interact with the communications console announce the next frightening words, something that not even Satan couldn’t come up with:

"Konichiwa Crew-San, how are we doing today, desu?"

Such a terrifying announcement spoken in japanese-english owospeak, words could not describe the amount of hatred and revenge the Crew (including me) had to avenge their poor ears for hearing such cold and dead voice. However, that was not all; she even sent another announcement:

"Mmm desu we have some syndicates onboard… not naisu… not nyaisu… please turn yourself in to the brig, meow."

she ordered us to turn ourselves to the Brig if we were the special antagonist of the current round taking place in the Space Station Thirteen, the Syndicate Traitor.

We later had to evacuate the station’s crew due to the meteors arriving sooner than expected, claiming the souls of several innocent crewmembers and causing heavy damage to the station equipment, such as the bar.


perma ban Miriam this is a crime against humanity

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Also what the fuck now i’m not even kidding, ban Miriam, that’s blatantly against MRP

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Honestly I’ve seen a lot worse on mrp from some of the admins themselves while they where heads. I do agree that it doesn’t really fit mrp but everyone has their personal opinions. Some people think its fine to rp a little crazy, and I personally think Miriam is nice enough and well known enough in the community to make up for this minor infraction. Although again Im famous for bad opinons so maybe dont listen to me. Anyways heres an example of something an admin did as soon as they got their hands on the spare as a head. I personally dont mind silly stuff like this, but I get how it can irk some players, heh. unknown

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Edward that’s not a bad opinion.

Everyone has their cringe cat phase, even well known regular players or admins.

And admins should deal with it equally and fairy.

For me it was a note for low rp, some other people just got a bwoink warning - but people still need to know how to behave, especially as a head

Know when to stop being that cringe felinid


Yes, and this was against policy. He received a negative note for it. I’ll proceed with the report shortly.

SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) “NYAAAAAAAA!!!”
Ehh, not great.
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) “ADMEME SPAWN OXYGEN TANK”
Meta, straight bad.
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) “just learned about ctrl+up”
Meta, bad.
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) “shut up dallas, cope and seethe, nya”
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) “monkey AI is fucked up”
Meta, bad.
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) “welcome back to space station 13”
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) “cope” (Captain’s Quarters (118, 133, 2))
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) (priority announcement) “Mmm desu we have some syndicate agents onboard… not naisu… not nyaisu… please turn yourself in to the brig, meow.”
SAY: MiriamHorn/(Miriam Hornet) (priority announcement) “Konichiwa Crew-san, how are doing today, desu?”

The offenses mentioned in the report weren’t THAT egregious, really. I would issue a minor note for them and tell the person to act more professionally whilst in a command position. Asking the syndicates to come to the brig is silly, but she did not in fact " ordered us to turn ourselves to the Brig if we were the special antagonist of the current round taking place in the Space Station Thirteen, the Syndicate Traitor." That announcement, while in cringe-worthy language, was in-character, syndicate agents, the IC term, could be reasonably referred to as syndicates. You wouldn’t really expect them to turn themselves in, but it isn’t OOC.
The conversation on and around the shuttle was MUCH worse. This was after she had died and complained about being captain in deadchat for a while, so I’m assuming she was just absolutely done with the round and not giving a shit - but regardless, this sort of straight meta conversation and language is unacceptable.

Due to a relative lack of history of this sort, there will be a ban issued for three days. I hope that this will be the last offense of this sort.

Please hear my side on this matter. I can understand about my poor RP and incompetence as the Captain and I think it’s fair to be punished for it, but I think there may be an error on the meta thing? I am pretty sure that I said those during EORG, where most of the rules don’t apply?

Edit: Wording

At least the monkey one was earlier, but I hadn’t really considered EORG. I’ll look into it when I get home. I apologize for maybe missing something important.

Speak for yourself, I’ll never fall to degeneracy, also why is this ticket still open?

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After getting back to this far, far too late, I discovered that @Miriam was very correct, and I’m a goddamn idiot. The things I considered most egregious (except the monkey AI thing) were after the round.

Obviously this ban is long expired, but I’ll be cleaning up her record.