Unknown CKEY (Melody Baker) player report

CKEY: AmiTech

Your Discord: AmiTech#2794

Offender’s CKEY:

Offender’s In-Game Name: Melody Baker

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 26.12.22

Round Number: 41971

Rules Broken: 1.2: No powergaming . 1.3: Do your job

Incident Description: I spawned as pirate captain and along with my two mates went to rob the vault, after some fighting we retreated to the south of the station with our ship. Melody Baker (who i assume was looking specifically for us) started shooting off our turrets, at the time i thought it was a seccie. When fighting her she used a Sabre SMG (along with a few boxes of ammo), Two laser guns and creampied me when i got a good bola throw on her. While simultenously retreating to the explo shuttle to charge her guns, all that and she was healing with survival medipens and wearing paranormal response team hardsuit. There were enough seccies to deal with us, and Melody while being explorer saw an opportunity to finally use her space ruin loot and severely crippled pirate activities.

Additional Information:


Was one of the mateys nyaarr

When did this happen? since we killed serveral secoffs,
The hos and some other during the first raid
3 others around the time when you got magdumped,
We also had a blob at some point where sec instead of going after it, got put horizontal because they thought pirates in bridge were more important than the blob.

When we were going for cap’s locker we got a lot of seccies on our ass (including Melody), we put up a good fight but i was abandoned by shipmates (although i managed to crawl out and almost got to ship).

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Nobody been assigned to this, bumping

(Sorry for the late response)
Melody Baker here, i didn’t really see this post at all thus my slow response at it
I belive this was during christmas and i got lucky to grab a paranormal ert suit (stupidly high defensive stats)

From what i barely remember that round, i got lucky as explo and managed to get off quite a good loot (that’s where the sabre is from)

Fast forward a tad bit, pirates arrive from what i heard on comms, security is getting massacred and the hos/captain/warden is prompting crewmembers to get deputized
They are lacking both security hardsuits as they were used by security members that already died on space, i promptly go ahead and talk with the captain/hos to deputize myself (as a explo member you somewhat have more experience on combat than the rest of the crew, considering you deal with spiders, xenomorphs, blobs, and even other rogue NT members)

Thus, i get deputized and go fight you as a deputy (armband included) using my explo equipment as security barely had any left from fighting

I see, well then it’s not really person problem but rather the ass mechanic that is deputies
Making someone who has access to gamer gear a deputy shouldn’t be allowed imo, civillians and other funny guys? Sure. Scientists, miners, explo? Not so