[Unknown CKEY] Kane Semenov Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Auce

Your Discord: Fresh#0194

Offender’s CKEY: ?

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kane Semenov

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-24-2023

Round Number: 42882

Rules Broken: #2 No powergaming

Incident Description: As a security officer in an admittedly chaotic round, Kane Semenov stole the hand teleporter allegedly for use against a hostile AI because I, the HoP announced it was hostile over comms. Shuttle was arriving in 2 minutes.

Moments later, Kane appears on the shuttle and uses the hand tele to enter the bridge of the shuttle.


Kane here. I was helping captain reset ai, which had turned lethal lasers from the get go in its upload. There was no verbal warning, or attempts to stop the conflict from the ai side(at least from what I saw from comms at round end). I was pu to crit by turret lasers in that attempt and then escorted to medbay. After shuttle was called and general assumption of “malf ai” was in place (we were on red alert by that time), me, det, hos and some doc jumped into tele room to go to ai sat. I grabbed Hand tele to go to ai sat and to evacuate to shuttle after we deal with AI, which we did.Its worth to mention AI was also disabling APCs in teleporter rooms.
This does sound like plenty of reason to use hand tele during emergency situation (red alert,so called malf-ai, wizard, nightmare, xenos(polymorphed which we found out later)).
Also i did move to shuttle bridge part since wizard and nightmare were still not dispatched and i was just moving to safe area.

for reference:
Rule 2.2:
Do not seek/acquire items that have no relevance to your job without an appropriate IC reason.
Red or Delta Alert or a direct threat/attack to yourself or your department is justification for arming/preparing yourself.

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I disabled the APC to the tp in my sat and mine alone. My turrets could also only target people in my upload. Cap made no attempt to justify their messing with my laws, they just went straight for the law change. (And you forced your way in to the upload filled with turrets with lethals.)

My reasoning for why this is powergaming is that it is a high risk contraband item that you have to go way out of your way to get, and it is not like “oh, I need to stop the AI, I absolutely need the hand tele”, like you might say with the ion rifle or other emp source. Then blatantly using it for memes on the shuttle later on.

I did not say that I absolutely needed hand tele to kill ai. It proved useful during that situation, and helped us dispatch it and return in time to shuttle. We needed a fast and reliable way to get into ai sat. Hand tele was the fastest and safest approach.
Space law has modifiers for that - Clear and Present Danger:
Crimes Committed in the interest of saving life, property, or preventing a disaster may have their sentences reduced, voided, or expunged.


This is a server rule issue, you aren’t supposed to be a mega gamer who collects the useful gamer tools in case they might be useful along the way. If it were like, hey, I stole the ion rifle to stop the crazy ai that would be MORE reasonable, not less, because it’s an item that is explicitly useful for that purpose. A high risk, traitor objective item isn’t the kind of thing your character should be stealing as a security officer. It’s like stealing the captain or hos’ gun to fight.

While that is true, according to the post they grabbed it only when shuttle was about o arrive so it didn’t cause much of an issue itself, it’s not like he spent the entire round teleporting to catch le valids, at best it could’ve blocked a super mega stealth traitor that wanted that objective last second, and it seems they also got Captain ok to grab it, if they did it all wordlessly that’s a different thing

But he didn’t collect it “in case”. He collected it because it was useful at this point

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Bumping the post since there’s yet another report related about Kane Semenov.

I think I remember this round and there were multiple attempts made to try and reach an RP solution with the AI who just kept overloading consoles nearby people for kills, the AI barely spoke to us at all and sort of forced the situation where we had to fight it, the only issue I think people really had was he abandoned evaccing the station in favor of hunting the valid.

Entirely different round.

It looks like the security player grabbed the hand-teleporter to help disable the rogue AI, with the captain.

The AI had shown to be very threatening, so gearing up wasn’t breaking character here.

Like it was stated in this thread, powergaming is grabbing loot or gear with the sole intent of winning while breaking character.
This interaction was within server rules.

Report rejected