Unknown CKEY Kane Semenov Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: TytoAlba

Your Discord: T̴͗͑Y̷͛̃T̵̆͠O̶̊#5943

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kane Semenov

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-11-2022

Round Number: 41318

Rules Broken: Valid-Hunting

Incident Description: There were two separate incidents, The first was when i was an emagged borg, along with a fellow emagged borg we were both tasked with killing the HoS. We had ran around searching for him, finally discovered him in the RD office thanks to the AI telling us, once we had entered, i bolted the door. Outside of the door that i bolted was Kane Semenov, with a flash in hand ready to stun me, yelling for me to open up, which i did not. I had attacked the HoS with an E-sword, and unfortunately my fellow borg went SSD during this fight, nonetheless, the HoS flashed me once or twice, and got a few laser shots off, and managed to escape the room after i got a few hits in with the sword. Once i left the room to chase the HoS, Kane, still waiting for me, had flashed and attacked me and i was destroyed from there.

The next incident, i was a ghost after i had been destroyed, simply observing the station, when i had noticed another attempt on the HoS’ life by a different borg, i was watching to see what happened, the bad borg was very damaged from the fight, and i believe all its modules were non-functional, but im not sure. But Kane had come in and saved the HoS from critical condition, then proceeded to follow him, as the borg pursued the HoS, Kane engaged it in combat and destroyed it with a laser scalpel


I also was an emagged borg in that round, H3LP3R. I saw Kave validhunt borgs as a paramedic with a flash. Now, the news of my emagged mischief have spread wide, so aquiring a flash to protect yourself against a bad borg? Reasonable.
What isn’t reasonable however is going out of your way to ask the AI to assist you in your borg crusade. Also, when the shuttle had departed, I dragged away a very poisoned HoS away from the shuttle and into the brig. And guess what, Kane came soon after, with a flash in had.
And this is purely anecdotal evidence but apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve validhunted to this level.

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I’ve decided to bundle this and more recent incidents, one of which I quite literally just saw unfold as I was investigating this report, into one 7d ban for repeated validhunting.

Report processed.