Unknown ckey clown report

In-game report: Honkillionaire

CKEY: doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#5150

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: honkillionaire

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-02-2023

Round Number:42075

Rules Broken: i woudl say rule 7 and 9 , maybe rule 3 as clowns should be funny

Incident Description:
so the clown Honkillionaire started stealing the mothroach or multiple from my bar i chased him and demanded the return of it. i then shotgun him once or twice ( dont remember) he then soaped and stole it and hid it somewhere ( we had a blob at thats time) i then later chase him further and smash multiple bottle son hsi head to get the roach back ( after i got it back i brought him to medbay so he doesnt die) and he said thats like this i wotn get my gun back so i took his gigles from honkerton and hid it and also ate his mask and went to fight blob. i then see the clown having hulk and later hear him use it. when the blob is dead and i rweturn to bar i see the clown steal more roaches and a smashed up bar, i then start to lethal him ( he was a hulk). he dies in this fight and cook wants to cook him but i stop him as ai want the clown to be revived and brigged for this crimes. a mediborg brings him to medbay and i oversee the docs try to revive him but he goes souldeparted there. I thing such behaviour for a clown even is too much as this is just selfantagging and not funny at all. I agree thats i might overstepped a bit and will take responsibility if you see fault in my actions too

Additional Information: i think i also did bad in this exchange. So if the admin thats handles this reports sees anythign i did wrong and wishes to take action against it i am totally fine with it and expect it if they come to the conclusion of my own wrong doing too


I want to also add some context. He was helping me smash up the Chapel earlier (I blew it up twice with X4 since Chaplain was being cruel to animals and killed 4 corgis and he was onboard with it). Not to mention I paid for most of the mothroaches since I used TC to get space cash to buy it. He was a greytiding clown for sure. He also PDA’d me asking if I had anymore X4 and then I saw him at the bar getting killed by the bartender, so I think he was plotting to blow up the bar which was fucked up since I helped get all the mothroaches in the first place.


Wasn’t there, but this definitively sounds like self antag, i don’t even blame the bartender for killing him, banvalids should be universal valids.

We don’t have validity anymore.


True, but i just meant that when someone is making people’s playthrough hell by breaking the rules, if they are stopped in-game by any means necessary it’s only fair.

tiem to bump it up