Unknown Ckey, Carson Quin - Validhunting Engineer

In-game report: Carson Quin, Validhunting Engineer


Your Discord:purpfarm#2834

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Carson Quin

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 8/24/2022

Round Number: 40065

Rules Broken: 2

Incident Description: During this round, I was playing the clown, “Killer Clown From Outer Space”. True to my name, I was playing a killer clown gimmick. I had a hatchet from the service lathe that I was running around with, and CMO and Detective gave me a soulless morgue body, which I chopped up with their permission in the bar, pretending I was committing murder. no one seemed to be fazed by this, and a few members of the crew ended up giving me another soulless body to chop up a few minutes later. I did the same thing, dragging it around the station pretending to murder it. at this point, i was not worried because i knew that i had favorable witnesses to back up the fact that i hadn’t killed anyone and was kidding around. I figured that the fact that I was asking for volunteers to be my next victim only supported that. A plasmaman explorer actually did end up volunteering to be my 3rd “victim”, so I stripped him with his consent and let him burn while pretending I had used a fireball. At this point, I must have been set to arrest because I started being hunted by ED-209s. once I ran, Carson Quin the Engineer started attacking me and running after me. Even when he was getting disabled by the EDs himself for attacking me, he ended up silently killing me with a crowbar, then stripping me. he said nothing throughout the encounter. After waiting at least ten minutes to be revived by the CMO due to a swarmer attack, I announced on comms that I was alive and told Carson it was just a prank, and he responded by coming back to medbay, beating me to death a second time, and telling CMO not to revive me.

Additional Information: I don’t have any issue at all with being set to arrest, being thought of as a valid target, or being arrested/beaten when I am wanted for assumed murder. My actions in this round certainly warranted it and were suspicious and that’s just part of the game. What I do have an issue with is an engineer breaking the rules to silently valid hunt and try to round remove me, especially when he had not seen me actually hurt anything with a soul. he could see that I was being arrested already by security, he just chose to kill me wordlessly because he could.


Hello, detective here, i’d say that the Engineer was… very obsessed on telling everyone that you were a murderer, even as far as saying that you murderer another botanists and some other people, he annoyed HoS that much that he ended up putting you on arrest, i believe i was dealing with other stuff at the moment but i vaguely recall telling HoS that it was all a prank (though it made me doubt at the end so i didn’t comment on getting the arrest warrant off) the rest pretty much checks out.

I can also point out that he used a little bit of netspeak here and there while he was speaking with me


Sorry this took me so long, honestly just didn’t feel like doing it earlier.