Unknown CKEY, Ashy player report

CKEY: Marshmellow10

Your Discord: babyyy

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ashy

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023/08/02

Round Number: 45161

Rules Broken: R13.4 / R7.5

Incident Description: Ghost takes ashy spawn and when specifically instructed to kill one (1) clown proceeds to suggest they just start killing security and when taken to medbay to kill said clown begins to kill everyone in sight and sit next to them whilst they husk and all their equipment burns to ash. After dying as a result, they proceeded to call all sec ‘valid’ and complain that the ashy was ‘too weak’ and the Heretic was ‘roleplaying too much’.

Additional Information:
this report is emotionally charged as I had a very poor experience trying to roleplay with the heretic on my last round.


I was the heretic that made him. Yep, I told him that I require clown’s blood, we chased him into medbay, the ash man started to light everyone on fire.
I got the clown and started to run away with his body back to the rune, but the Ashy stayed back and fought. Saylogs can confirm I came back and called him to follow me and retreat several times.

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Heya, it was me. I am unsure as to why you are falsifying the events. I asked you whatever or not you wanted to fight sec because you had killed officers already and made me in sight of brig.

The reason why I didn’t get out of medbay was because I had literally 3% hp and there was a crowd of people outside and I had half your movement speed. Only people I attacked were the clown and CMO who did attack me with a weapon l. I stripped him to get the to open the door to maints. That obviously didn’t work before I realized that I can mist through walls. I then died trying to avoid people and get to you.

Also pretty sure the guy reporting me is the det who tried to wordlessly kill a heretic and got killed for it which I called is valid (what did he expect)

Not sure how me calling the form weak is relevant in anyway or killing a single guy in self defense 13.4. Also why are you citing 7.5? If anything you were the one who got mad other getting RRed in dchat, I did say is that you were at fault.

How did you know that Wilson had killed sec beforehand or that you were near sec? You came to life in a dark maintenance room and some of your first words were suggesting to kill what you describe as ‘valids’ aside from you admitting to meta gaming info from ghost sight I’d still call that a poor attitude.

I asked him questions, also I could literally see the dets office on the other side of the wall all the bodies (xray is nice). Even if I didn’t see that it would not be meta knowledge lol.

Yeah… looks like they already got handled.