[Unknown] Cargo Pod Crab Shuttle bomb Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown (d-chat says it was the QM, if so the ckey is Lourendril

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown if d-chat claims are correct it’s Amy White

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-07-14

Round Number: 44911

Rules Broken: 13

Incident Description: Box Shuttle is here, quite small, a random supply cargo pod full of crabs gets dropped in the middle of the shuttle, insta gibbing a plasmaperson and killing them (they did happen to have C4 on their bag which probably made the explosion bigger) along them four people died, no long after they move into the shuttle cockpit area,where it was quite cramped, and they dropped two more crab-bombs which killed one and severely injured others, the first explosion also caused a hull breach and critted a few

Additional Information:
If the claims of the QM doing it are correct, they were an antagonist however their objectives were:

And they were also had an abductor objective

The main assassination objective was not part of the casualties

While it’s **very **unfortunate that the person the first drop pod landed on his head had a bag full of C4 that caused the extra kills, i don’t believe there’s any reason for QM to have done those random crab bombs on the shutle, and if they were following their abducteed objectives would need to be corroborated by logs, regardless multiple people got killed and critted alongside the shutle being spaced.

Alternative since d-chat wasn’t sure maybe it was someone else that did it, but from the list of that round i don’t see any objectives that could justify those bombings

i was the person who got gibbed on the shuttle, i wasnt a plasmaman i was a clown who had been monkyfied.
there was an express supply pod beacon on the shuttle that the crab rockets were lauched at, when the first one landed i happend to be standing on the beacon.
just before the shuttle arived i had robed a dead pirate in the brig who happend to have the entire pirate c4 duffle bag on his back, which of couse took to use for clownery.
the pods small explosion detonated all of the c4 in the bag instagibing me and blowing a small hole in the shuttle.

personaly i found this hilarious, and i think it was a perfect end to my monky clown round.

i cant say for sure either way but they may not have moved the beacon themself, it could have been launched there by the explosion

i think this is probably mostly due to the first one happening to set of all of the c4 i had stolen, the supply pods explosion alone doesnt breach the hull, and while it does hurt a bit its generally not lethal even if its a direct hit.
personaly i think the crab rockets were a nice funny way to fulfil the abductor abjective, and it only realy hurt people cos there happend to be a monky clown on the shuttle carrying more c4 than the mythbusters.


Thanks for explaining your side, though it means that two people got gibbed because i strictly remember seeing a plasmeme on top of the first pod and the following organs, curiously enough i think you were named Plasma Men or something like that so i thought that was your plasma-clown name, i did see other people monkyfied that ended up dying but didn’t know you were an actual clown-monkey that got gibbed

As for the beacons itself can’t tell if it traveled to the cockpit area or they just throw another(since they get used after some uses)

In total there were three supply pod launched, one in the middle of the shuttle and two on the cockpit area, i’m not sure what exactly happens if a pod arrives on top of your head, maybe it doesn’t gib and that was thanks to the C4, someone would need to clarify but besides that it does the typical push+damage+set you on fire

Regardless i believe having that objective doesn’t exactly justify the crabbombs if they didn’t say anything, if they threw the beacon at the cockpit and yelled HEY CAPTAIN, PET EXPRESS DELIVERY i could buy it, so their saylogs can elaborate how much rp they were doing with that gimmick, if any at all.

Mini peanut, the objective said exotic! Crabs aren’t that exotic… smh!

my name was plasma fire.

i dont think it gibbed anyone else but the admins will have to check to confirm that

Due to a logging oversight I’m unable to adequately assess how much damage was caused by the Quartermaster and how much was unfortunate collateral due to other explosives in the area. As of this PR this logging oversight has been fixed. Consider this report resolved but, no action has been taken against them at this time due to the lack of proper logging.