[Unknown Botanist] Gage Kimple Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Heepox

Your Discord: snowblind#3732

Offender’s CKEY: Unkown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Gage Kimple

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 20.12.2022

Round Number: 41886

Rules Broken: 2

Incident Description: Made gatfruit and then everyone got revolvers from him just making tons of it

Additional Information: Lots of people got revolvers so maybe more than just one instance of rule 2 break… so investigation time i guess

On a round with 0 security and 0 command, yes.

I did my best to stop people from stealing them, but the AI’s ion law to lockdown botany meant people were constantly trying to break in, and they opted to just steal it. When they’ve already got a .357 in their hands, I’m not about to kick up a fight.


I was the chef working with him alongside this shift. Throughout all of it, Gage was being extremely hard working despite all odds/circumstances, and the fridge was full of food/produce that I got to use in a ton of different meals - something he focused on all throughout instead of toying around with funny insta death plants.

The context here really matters. This was 10 player lowpop at first, growing to 20 or so.

Before we even got a single sec officer, and an absent cap we never heard about (I even believe he did not come until midround ? never saw loudspeak until very late) :

  • Syndicates started contracting and one tried to kill me, Chef, his coworker, with napalm syringes
  • AI locked botany down and was actively threatening the lives of all of service (electrifying doors, telling us air would be siphoned if we tried to prevent the lockdown) for trying to work
  • A nightmare on top, who actively tried to fuck with service and tried to kill us several times.

Without sec, we hoped a latejoin would come, to no avail, as we asked on comms for sec/cap to do something about AI at the very least several times with 0 response.

Miners then brought in gatfruit seeds, thus allowing the botanist to do his job in safety and defend himself, which he did his very best to contain and not give anyone (repeatedly refused to open the doors, hid the gatfruits, etc… but everyone kept breaking in to steal them which is out of his hands at this point - it was not willfully distributed)

In a lowpop situation w/ no sec, under threat of death, from a crewmember who worked hard on actively doing his job but kept being under attack, who actively tried to hide all the weapons but couldn’t due to break in and only used his weapons in self defence or to protect his coworkers,

I think it was a completely fair and justified call to make.


I was the AI and I did in fact, not do this. It was my cyborg who electrified the service doors, even after I told them not to. After being told for the second time, they stopped doing so. They seemed rather new to cyborgs though.
It wasnt because you “were trying to work”. It was because botany was under lockdown, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. And I did tell the botanist that if they keep breaking lockdown, I will siphon their air if that is needed to keep them from leaving.

Actually, a latejoin sec did arrive. So did a captain. They were actively trying to change my laws the whole time, which they succeded in in the end.

This happened before the captain arrived. You even shot my shell dead because “it was hurting the botanist”. I was only building a wall in the door you kept opening per my ion law.

I agree that context matters, but what you said is just half-truth, at most.

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I genuinely, OOC, believed that was a lie, since even after you said so they stayed electrified and an engineer had to cut the AI test wire (at least that’s how I think it got solved)

Yes, but far too late - at which point the gatfruits were already grown.

The fact they spent so long focusing on changing your laws, meant we almost never saw them, while we had a rampaging nightmare & syndicates going around the entire station in tandem to contract.

No, that was the botanist, IIRC ? My memory’s genuinely fuzzy, I might be entirely wrong on this.

Nontheless, you were a shell, actively preventing the botanist from working (you even closed his APC for a bit, thought I heard that from botanist himself) and not a normal borg who would end up being round removed. From my POV, the electrified doors and threat to siphon justified disabling your shell.

Phrasing everything I said as half-truth simply because of a different perspective on one of the threats which made the botanist decide to grow the gatfruits is a bit too far.

This entire report hinges on whether or not him growing the gatfruits was justified (which, I believe it to be, as he was under threat and didn’t seek them out, and continued to do his actual job meanwhile), and whether he distributed them without care amongst the crew (which he did not)

When on the shuttle, the only representative of security lacks an arm and has a ton of damage, it kind of shows all our beliefs amongst the service coworkers about being in danger was fully justified.


I tell ya, it wasnt me. I screamed at the borg asking what the fuck are they doing, even locked them down twice. And I did tell security several times to focus on the actual threat, which they ignored but w/e. And I didnt touch the APC either, but it was indeed off for some reason. And the scrubbers were welded so a threat to siphon is just an empty one. So from your POV, its understandable, but still is just a half-truth.

But thats all the clarification about that.

By the time the time the botanist have grown the fruits, they were not harmed, only locked in. They understood that it was just a simple lockdown and didnt even have problems with it, the others did. They were not “under attack” and the traitors didnt interact with them. At this point the Mime contracted a chaplain and thats about it. (and shot you with the syringe, ofc)

IMO: Growing was icky, using them even more icky (if they shot me and not you), but they didnt ditribute it.

Also, all while this happened, alert was on Green.

… Obviously since there was no heads, and when the captain came, he spent all of his time trying to change your laws ? Clearly, this was a blue alert at least considering there was confirmed reports of wacky AI, contractors & nightmare, and SOP allows people to act as if it was an upper alert level if it is clear and heads are too busy to raise it.
This is why you can, for example, distribute armory equipment on blue & use lethals if cult has halos, even if red alert isn’t raised.

I can’t comment on the rest, since it’s mostly based on @Wrill 's pov, which would be nice to have here

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