Union Leader Role

I’m thinking of adding in a Union Leader Gimmick role who’s job is to go around with it’s signature list and ask people for signatures, in exchange for some sort of reward.

For example, Service Union Leader would give the people that sign a vendor token, and increase the salaries of all service jobs at 10, 30 and 50 signatures accumulated.

Or stuff like that.

Money is useless. Singatures might be gamed if they ARE useful. It doesnt make much sense with nt, as revolutionaries are pretty much just trying to unionize workers or smth in the lore.

Its like lawyer, it requires excessive amounts of roleplay on beestation (no-go), but its actually worse because now its not only useless mechanically, but not fitting setting wise aswell!

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As we all know unionizing is illegal on NT stations

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like Devils but not being an antag, sort of?

being a union leader would make you an enemy of the corp

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Were you the lizard who tried to unionize the station at sec, graffiti’d the sec foyer and stared down the imprisoned virologist and called him “an enemy of the people”?

I was Warden during this.