Unga bunga expansion feedback

Those of you who have made use of New Tribal crafting options introduced by my Tribal crafting expansion i would like your feedback on how it feels.

Bows, bone sword, Goliath shield, Watcher Bola, Heavy armor.

What do you like about the changes?

What do you think could be improved?

Any ideas for future tribal expansions?

This is not going to be the first expansion to the crafting tree i intend to improve and give the Ungas more things to do because i never liked how ghost roles feel so detached from the round.

They should be just as much part of the round as what happens on the station.

These tribal expansions aim to Make the Ungas less ghost role and more actual role

Make a energy version of da bow for traitors if this counts


Its in the game as a sprite already, just need to make a bow subtype and arrow type and it will be in the game

Bows havent been tested on miners,cant tell,shield is good,heavy armor is good,bola seems too expensive for its uses,and the bone sword feels lackluster,since a normal spear beats it when fighting a watcher. For miner combat i guess?

A better way to gather matierals would be better

Shooting moths on station with the pipe bow is epic

Bola’s big use is slowing miners down, ungas have no way to make bolas otherwise.

the swords big thing is it got a higher attack speed than the spear and when combined with the shield lets you face tank the watchers.

I’ve also heard the sword kneecaps miners pretty effectively.

Im glad you like the armor.
what materials would you think needs to be made easier to make

ill be reducing the cost of that so you can make it easier


Just bones,ngl. Sinew is easy to get as watchers are easy to face tank,but bones are hard

Had some ungas today i watched that started near a goliath tendril. farmed it for all their gamer gears. i dont really know if theres a balanced way to make bones easier to get

Eh,that works

For future stuff,healing shit would be great

i have some ideas for that

Already posted my thoughts at you privately before it finished merging, but to put them here as well - I love every aspect of it.

Bola and Bow are both expensive to craft but they provide very powerful utility to Ashwalkers and makes them a serious threat to miners. Bow does lackluster damage compared to how slowly it fires and how expensive it is to craft, however there are two things I would like to see added that would fix this:

  • The ability for arrows to store 5u of reagents
  • The ability for arrows to embed

Either of these will make the bow worth using over bolas + melee against players. Ashwalkers have access to harmful mushrooms as well as just ground plasma to tip their arrows with for additional effect.


Grow or harvest cactus for Vitrium Froth (almost equal to tricordrizine)
Grow Lavaland Tobacco for Salbutamol (Oxyloss heal) and Lipolocide (makes you lose weight/get hungrier so cactus doesn’t make you fat)

Additionally you can milk the bugs that start around the tendril for Saline-Glucose and Cream, as well as grind iron for, well, Iron.

Can also make and leave dirt piles empty and then cultivate the random mushrooms and plants that pop up for additional reagents

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