Unfair 2-3D Ban by VictorPride by Nagitoes

CKEY: Nagitoes

Admin’s CKEY: VictorPride (#7450)
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Only Beestation

Ban Type: Unfair ban

Ban Length: 2 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/Y):**10/29/2019

Round ID: 8497

Ban Reason: Allegedly attacking someone with a pickaxe and then lying about not doing it

Appeal Reason: The admin VictorPride was not fair when he handed the ban. I told him the situation many times and he did not listen nor investigate it and instead handed me a 2 (pretty much 3) day ban due to what he assumed were lies. I attacked a player accidentally and it led to a fight which I ran away from in the QR base. I ran away and the fight ended. 5 minutes later that same player followed me in to my office and killed me with some powerful weapon. I was cloned by some random third party and then I was accused by the admin of attacking them again. This is 100% not true and the admin was unable to get records showing this as again this did not happen and was more lies by someone else. The situation was handled really poorly and I was banned without being listened to nor a full investigation being made in a server that I play every day and love. As I said to VictorPride if I did attack this person twice for some reason I would admit it and not lie.

Additional Information: I did say “Sorry I was horny” but I don’t see how that is an offence?

If this story above is true the other player needs to be banned for over escalation if anything. Getting hit once by another player who showed zero aggression after is no reason to murder them.

Ban type: Server
Ban reason: Randomly attacked someone with a pickaxe, in IC said “Sorry I was horny” and lied multiple times in ahelps about it
No idea where you’re getting the idea of 3 day ban from, it’s 48 hours.

You have less than 10 hours playtime on the server “play every day and love” and your previous note was for attacking 3 people randomly “by accident”. You have a pattern of self-antag behaviour as well as lying about why you did it.

You attacked them 3 times with a pickaxe “accidentally”? I don’t buy it. They started stabbing you back after that with a survival knife whilst you continued to pickaxe them, then shortly after you lost the fight and died. When cloned they asked you why did you attack them and you replied “Sorry I was horny”. It makes it clear to me you’re just a griefer and the fact that you continued to lie throughout the ahelp and this subsequent appeal.

10 hours is a lot of time. Half an hour a day is all time allows me. That’s nearly three weeks, what’s your point?

Yes Zoey they came back and killed me in my office, took my keycard to escape and then taunted me when I was a ghost. Basically saying have I learned my lesson now etc. I am not sure why I have been banned and they haven’t for jumping me for “revenge” or something 5 mins after the conflict already ended and killing me with non-stop hits.

Looks like your banned expired naturally by now, but I do want to say shame on the staff for not resolving this one way or another. What’s the point of the appeals system if bans will just expire before dealt with?

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I gave him the chance to argue his case, I wasn’t convinced. I can’t close threads so the matter was resolved by default due him not being able to convince me nor a council member to reverse the ban.