Uncontainable holoparas VS AI's silicon policy discussion

so there’s currently a small oversight in the silicon policy regarding holoparasites
Holoparas are uncontainable agents of mass harm that cannot be stopped by any means other than lethal force. even a stunned and critted holopara user is dangerous due to the fact the parasite well uncritable/unstunnable
nor can be contained due to the fact 90% of holoparas are given enough stats to break doors/walls

having to handle a hostile agent that you need to keep not harmed while everyone is gunning for them and in the back of your mind you know it is impossible to keep both parties alive is pretty infuriating
(considering ive been bwoinked for disregarding the safety of holopara users)

hulks got the treatment that they are not human/crew/wharever since they to are unstunable

so im guessing it should be properly updated for holoparas to
if you dont like the sound of that a way for them to be CONTAINED

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I remember back on Golden era, before the server split i got a sillicon ban for killing a holopara that was rampaging and killing a bunch of people and ultimately couldn’t argue against it since even if i was saying stuff like ‘‘But how do i know that the holopara is tied to that human, i was only hitting the strange creature hitting the humans!’’ the flavor text shows that '‘blood comes out of the human/user’'so, it was deserved

But i do agree it’s a horrible situation to be as a borg because you… can’t do much since all walls would get broken and you can’t keep everyone alive, it’s like the safest situation is… just to not be there when it happens lol

Per the silicon policy:

Reducing the amount of immediate harm that will occur takes priority over preventing greater future harm.

I would imagine they would have to constantly flip flop between hurting and helping the person with the holopara. If a holopara user is killing people, they can go after them. If security is beating on a critted holopara user, they have an obligation to stop them from doing so. Once the holopara user gets back on their feet, go back to square 1.

no since harming a holopara user is the most imidiate. you cannot harm them no matter what even if they are slauthering all of medbay. and that makes it frusturating

I had a poor choice of words, I didn’t mean harm as in apply welder to head but flash, buckle and spin, etc.

just add holopara removal surgery or something. if you’re in the situation where people are trying this the holopara can’t save you anyway.

holoparas are notoriously unrestrainable/uncontainable due to the omnipresent omnihostile parasite that will bash/gun you to death and break walls… sec at this point just use lethals whenever they can against them since there really isnt an alternative short of getting them on a shuttle and sending them into the edge of the galaxy

if you ever manage to preform a surgery on someone with holoparas… the parasite is either SSD or you have godmode

if you ever manage to preform a surgery on someone with holoparas… the parasite is either SSD or you have godmode

If you bring the person extremely close to death, the holopara will be doomed to die in a few hits. The person can no longer move. Assuming you have several people, ie, the sec department, present, coming out at all will be suicide for the holopara.

Unless they go healing of course. Then it’s just impossible.

that’s still harming and very close to dusting. this is not really viable for AI’s who need to protect them from all damage

How about holopara cant do anything if their host is unconscious? Not stunned nor paralyzed, only sleep and the like. Relying on the holopara to actualy care about their host dying is unreliable at best, aka you cant threat the holopara to stop fighting or its host going to be killed (unless its healing holopara, then its impossible).

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holoparas are JoJo references so take a weakness from JoJo

if the stand user is incapable of doing an action, neither can the stand

ex. stand user is handcuffed, the stand cannot move its hands as if it was handcuffed

I am not certain if this is 100% how it works since I haven’t watched JoJo in ages but I think it’s like that

Depends on what part you’re referencing and the type of stand. Araki, the mangaka, usually backtracks/rewrites/forgets some stuff

On part 3 you have examples of a Stand getting hurt in the hand and it reflects into the owner’s hand

On part 4 a stand got trapped in a glove and the stand user was being thrown everywhere when their stand (in the glove) was being shaken and bashed up against the air

but iirc even if a stand user were to be handcuffed the stand should be able to move freely, what it mimics is the damage they take on their stand user counter part (Hand example)


confused nonjojo noises

Hot take:

Silicons aren’t meant to defend crew from antagonists. They never have been and should never be approached in such a way as to believe this is the case. You follow and are loyal to your laws, which usually means doing your best to stop all harm even if, due to antagonist abilities, this means you can only contain crew and not the antagonist. Silicons are supposed to be a neutral force within the game’s dynamic, this is why I dislike crewsimov despite playing non-human most of the time I play.

Naturally there are lawsets which change this dynamic, but there are times when I feel like the “shitter” silicon gets too much shit for playing their role as intended and defending someone from being harmed because nobody changed their laws.

Suffice to say, yes even though the silicon is also powerless to contain a holoparasite user, I believe they should be attempting while also preventing crew who they are not powerless to contain from harming the user.


Silicon policy needs a huge rewrite tbh.

As of the moment silicons operate deontologically, despite most people IRL being utilitarian. So unless policy states it, immediate harm takes precedent over reasonably assumed future harm. Greater good doesn’t matter or exist.

Your point only works if cyborgs operate in a utilitarian manner or have a ruleset that makes that matter.

I absolutely agree your vision is far better, and in some ways more interesting, but just doesn’t work at the moment.

its not, only if an enenemy stand uses something to restrain another stand will that count.

Very specificly did josuke hand the glove to crazy diamond to do that. So its a stand interacting with another stand and the “damage” reflecting back to the user. This is the same as when lovers got crushed the user started bleeding all over.

I believe that was the intend of silicons/AI. They are very powerfull and all that but work on very cold logic to follow there rules in here and now. I enjoy silicons being this brash for the most part

Sec officers can still arrest/kill a holopara user. Silicons should like any other human traitor make reasonble effort to save the holopara user to not get murderd. you can try to box them in if you want to prevent more harm but you should still follow youre AI laws. Sec can always change the borgs laws to consider the holopara hostile and attack the spooky ghost on site or what ever. So I dont see any reason to change how silicons interact with them

boy you’d be shocked what half the lawsets literally say as law 1

I’m aware of where we are now with lawsets. I’m also aware we were stuck with purely crewsimov for a good while.