Unbean me: No cool title

**Discord ID:steff#9146

**Admin Discord ID: no clue

**Ban Type: discord ban?

**Ban Length: permanent (i think)

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): like 2-4 weeks ago but idk the date

**Ban Reason: send nsfw meme in # general

**Appeal Reason: wanna join back the discord so I can tell when shit goes on (server goes down, etc) Not gonna say it was an accident or anything because it wasnt, just thought it was funny and didnt think twice ab it. Understand if this gets denied, but would like a second chance

**Additional Information: none

To be completely honest with you, bans are usually dealt out for fairly serious offences.

I’d like to know;

  • What content was posted.
  • NSFW really means “Not Suitable For Work”, why’d you post something in a highly populated discord?
  1. music video: “the beat go off”
    guy slaps his pp (as the beat drop) and the music video continues

  2. not really sure,thought it was funny ig, it was a bit after I first joined the discord

I’ll ping other admins, I don’t know the Admin who banned you.

alright bro thanks for helping :slight_smile:

sooo uhh… whats the status?

Sounds like a Funny meme

stay banned nerd HOWS IT FEEL!

Yeah dont do that shit again, but it feels fair to unban you.

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