Un-Ban-Appeal Hawks-The-Eyes

It is funny you say that, because other people with a healthy mindset towards that solution told him the exact same in OOC. They just get yelled at, he will just minor metagrudge if he knows your in-game name like replacing a borgs battery with a 1k max charge.

Literally everyone is always wrong, he is always right. This is like some next level type of issue with him, or he himself is by nature just a complete asshole. I would put money on him being the same after a month. There is literally zero fun being anywhere near such a person. And god help the new players having to play in the same role as him.


Haven’t really Metagrudge other people unlike you guys.
Maybe i should start so you see how it is.
That thing with the battery happened once and you call it out a million times, funny. And it wasnt Metagrudging it was because you was a bitch pre-borging if i remember correct but hey what do i know, i bet it was Metagrudging since it happens every shift. God, i hope something like this gets logged i wish i could so how often i did this.

I’ve been killed by asshole botanists memein bluespace tomatos at me before, its very easy to space someone with a random teleport on ss13 and it should make you valid on both MRP/LRP, because even if you dont get spaced you could get stuck in a wall and die.


making them in first place is fishy, using them is instant valid.

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We talking about mrp so normal validity rules don’t apply.
The botanist were placing the teleporting-slipping wheat under the doors in a spots where you wouldn’t be teleported to space.
The ban isn’t just because this one incident, he was pretty toxic ooc and ic many times before.
Problem in this specific situation is that he didn’t try to deescalate situation at any point or didn’t even try calling the security (and I know there was security because I was hos that round).


ive died to this before because it teleported me into a wall intersection and I didnt have tools, causing me to suffocate to death

get gamered on
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all im saying is i get wanting to completely tear down botany when shitter botanists are pumping out slip/teleport poop like a factory

Well, maybe he did placed it in your case under a door, but in my case he was actually grabbing me and throwing on to the wheat. Which i dont consider as “haha funny i stepped on a bluespace wheat”, rather than an personal attack.

it 100% was not a personal attack you moron, I was dragging everyone I saw on to the wheat.

Oh well that’s okay then isnt it

Let’s just start with that; I don’t really think that you should be unbanned.

Well it isn’t anything unusual, botanists turning into clowns, but worse. However, you should have gone to security with it, or even you might ahelp it.

Almost spaced you say?
Well, the logs say that you have been grabbed by Cleans-His-Ass twice this round:

Qfmysteryman23/(Cleans-His-Ass) has grabbed Brille65/(Hawks-The-Eyes) passive grab (NEWHP: 93) (Medbay Central (142, 124, 2))

The exact place here:

Qfmysteryman23/(Cleans-His-Ass) has grabbed Brille65/(Hawks-The-Eyes) passive grab (NEWHP: 83) (Starboard Primary Hallway (165, 130, 2))

The other one here:

Now I don’t really think that those two places are that close to space, are they?

Because you have been slip-teleported against your will, twice, you have decided to destroy that botanists workplace. And by doing that, you have destroyed a workplace of two other botanists.

Cleans-His-Ass haven’t touched you in science, he walked in, being let in by the AI. When you were about to be slipped on teleporting wheat, you have flashed him, you have stripped him and tied him, and when his reasonably pissed off co-worker walked in and shot you, you instead of running away or engaging in a fight with the attacker, or trying to resolve this peacefully, you have started to hit Cleans-His-Ass with a welder, with an intent to kill him. My guess is that if you were to go down, you wanted to take him with you (just saying that you’re on a watchlist for metagrudging).

I agree that if this were to be your first note/ban, a month ban is really too much, but
you have more than 10 notes/bans because of overescalation, other being about your toxic behaviour and self-antaging. You have been already banned for a week (for overescalation), and you don’t seem to show any positive change.
You can treat this ban as your last chance, because it is not a permanent ban yet.

I’m not closing this topic though, because I’d want to hear an opinion from another admin about this, but it’s unlikely that this ban will be lifted.


Well, sadly i do not recall the exact position so i cannot mark it so fancy, but i recall that i landed in the maints above where the space is but yeah.

Alright, this sentence already show me that you have no fucking clue about the danger part of beeing randomly teleported. Thanks for your input tho. And you tell me that it is perfectly fine on MRP as a Botanist to switch mid-game to the job “Clown” and just do bullshit forth on? Mhhm…

Like i said, it was 5 minutes or so before ETA and i thought I’d eventually save some lives because at the latest at the shuttle people would get spaced here and there. But for you that would be surely haha Botany did a funny. Also this was perfectly fine for an Chaplain to do a few weeks ago ON A GREENSHIFT and FAR Away from ETA when he decided to take Robotics apart because Oh no Cleanbots they ruin my God of Disease-Hailings (a shit ton of blood spilled everywhere, what did he do to the janitor? Massacred and hung in Maintenance, i wonder?) So i dont really see the problem in that, given that there was a real threat going from Botanics this time ASWELL AS the boards where still lying there, so it was easy to rebuild.

Well, not to kill but to crit him and hope he survives till round it (What was it? like 2min eta or so?) Also since he was the initial shitter of course i focus on him especially when i have no fucking ranged weapons unlike the shotgunner so the shotgunner would be a billion miles away for me especially in the already badly-hurt condition of mine.
Its nice that you guess that it is Metagrudging. But unlike the other … 5 people? I dont recall how many there are actually, i dont take grudge into the next round against a specific person. Thanks.

Yeah bans where mostly the why reason is never stated or it got taken out of context.

I dont know why you have to open your mouth now. Go smoke a joint again and Accidentally dust the SM aswell as all Engi-Hardsuits because haha i am little kiddo who takes drugs and play Videogames because thats kuul. And then cry to the admins how bad bad this decision was. Whats your next excuse? beeing on Meth?

ok brille literally has issues that go beyond the normal “seeking revenge for damaged pride,” and if brille can’t acknowledge that then u will be running in circles w him


Based. Keep it.
at least 20

This quote is this thread summarized. Every time i encounter Hawks on bee or any other servers in the span of a year, he always acts like this. Someone inconveniences him for a moment, he snaps, he proceeds to flash, cuff, force borg and then sabotage the borg with shitty power cells and laws. And never ever in a million years he will take the responsibility for his actions. Its clearly visible in the after round OOC. In his eyes, his actions are righteous acts of IC vengeance against those who “clearly” tried to do him harm. And god help you if you manage to out-robust him or escape from his vengeance. You get called metagrudger, shitter, admins dog ( for not getting banned after his ahelp) and i can guarantee that he will remember your name and try to fuck you over any chance he gets.

Also this. Dont try to sell this issue as a fight against overall harm and a threat to other players. I literally never seen you interact with other players in a friendly manner other than your robotic co-workers ( and even this is a mixed bag). Every player who ever encountered you can clearly notice that you dont give 2 shits about anyone other than yourself. You did this out of personal and petty revenge not some noble goal. But i guess its easier to get unbanned when you present yourself as some white knight.


Would be really cool if you could stop telling bullshit about the forceborging and 1k power cells and what ever. Most of the time i try to do a Pacification Surgery if a tresspasser is specialy violent but i cannot expect that anyone on BeeStation knows surgery so yeah.

Thats a blatant lie aswell. I usualy firstly care about dead borgs / borgs in need because thats kinda my job. IF some detective comes into Robotics and yells some shit at me while i am maintenance 5 borgs who got blown up, chances are high i dont care about the Detective who could get “help” anywhere else, this is true.
In fact i gave up helping people on Bee in a great scale because its not worth the effort. Those people SSD instant as soon as they die also its TECHNICALLY not my problem as Robotocist to take care of the well beeing of the other crew members. (Then again, i think i am the only one in science who kinda prioritize surgery stuff so the Medbots are more efficient? )
Sometimes i build additional sleepers and cloning pods in the Medbay but this more often than not waste of time because rounds barely go longer than 1 hour because lululu i am bored or none of the medbay personal even thinks about producing Synthflesh, so the cloner does not work.
Also if people are ass towards me, why should I be the nice one then?

No, if this would be the case rather than defend myself properly with the truth, i would make up some story how i was on Cannabis, Meth and Cocain all together while ~ 10 Callboys raped me so i clearly didnt understood what i am doing right now.

You mean just like every other Player on BeeStation? Except those few people who have theyre Friends on the Station where they maybe care a little bit more than for a random person? Yeah. very “Wierd”

Since this has turned into a clown fiesta, locking it till banning admin decides outcome.

Appeal rejected.

I hope that when you’ll come back next month, you won’t be so aggressive, and that there won’t be a need to ban you again.